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Language Malayalam
Contributor(s) Vatsyayanan
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Kamasoothram

Kamasoothram is the Malayalam version of the ancient Hindu text, Kama Sutra, originally written in Sanskrit. Authored by Vatsyayanan, this book is on human sexual behaviour and contains practical suggestions on sexual intercourse. Kamasoothram was published by DC Books in January, 2008. You can buy Vatsyayanan's books or other Malayalam books from any online bookstore by exploring which lists many retailers selling these books at reasonable rates.

Vatsyayanan is a Hindu philosopher who has not only authored Kama Sutra but also Nyaya Sutra Bhashya, which was the first commentary on Gotama's Nyaya Sutras. It is believed that Vatsyayanan lived between 1st and 6th century AD. At the end of Kama Sutra, he states that an intelligent person, who is attending to Karma, Dharma and Artha, will achieve success in everything that he does in life.

Kamasoothram or Kama Sutra is written as prose. However, there are poetry verses inserted in various parts of the book as well. It has 1250 verses which are distributed in 36 chapters. These chapters are further divided into seven parts. 'Kama' refers to one of the four goals of Hindu life, that is, sexual and sensual pleasure. 'Sutra' refers to the line or the thread, which links or holds things together. Kama Sutra is a collection of formulas, thoughts and concepts in the form of a manual. As opposed to popular belief, Kama Sutra is not merely a sex manual. It talks about gracious and virtuous living and discusses love, human relations, families and several other aspects of human life in great detail. The book contains topics such as forms of marriage, behaviour of man and woman, sexual acts, examination of sentiments, etc. Kama Sutra is the most notable and oldest of a group of texts named Kama Shastra.

Those who are keen to know about Vedic philosophies and sexual and sensual pleasures in human life should find Kamasoothram enlightening and enriching. The alternate usage of prose and poetry makes this book even more fascinating. It has 136 pages. You can get this edition of the book in paperback binding. Its ISBN 10 is 8171300340 and its ISBN 13 is 9788171300341.

Features: Kamasoothram

  • Sexuality
Product Details
Language Malayalam
Publication Date January 1, 2008
Publisher D C Books
Contributor(s) Vatsyayanan
Binding Paperback
Edition 26
Page Count 118
ISBN 10 8171300340
ISBN 13 9788171300341
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