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Kanchipuram Metallic Seaweed Color Fancy Silk Saree
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Kanchipuram Metallic Seaweed Color Fancy Silk Saree

Brand Kanchipuram silks
Material Silk
Colour Blue
Size Free Size
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Overview: Kanchipuram Metallic Seaweed Color Fancy Silk Saree

The saree is one of the most elegant clothing that has the ability to instantly add to the beauty of a woman. The Kanchipuram Saree is also known as the Kanjivaram saree and is a traditional saree that had originated in the Tamil Nadus' Kanchipuram district. Traditionally worn for occasions, this saree is well known for its use of pure silk fabric and use of heavy borders in bright contrasting colours that are naturally woven. These Kanchipuram sarees are embroidered with select beautiful motifs that are common to all sarees of this kind. These motifs include swans, suns, moons, coins, mangoes, peacocks, chariots, etc. One of the most beautiful and common motifs found on kanchipuram sarees is that of the jasmine bud within a square or a round frame that is traditionally known as a mallinagu. Hence, if you are on the lookout for a traditional Kanchipuram saree, it would be advisable to keep these aspects in mind on order to purchase the best and most beautiful Kanchipuram saree. This pretty metallic sea weed kanchipuram silk saree is a perfect choice if you want to look classy, beautiful and yet traditional. take a look at its features:

Design and style of the saree:

This Kanchipuram saree by Kanchipuram Silks is a perfect blend of beauty and tradition crafted in a beautiful combination of metallic seaweed and gold colour, instantly adding glamour and beauty to your look. This metallic sea weed colour is a unique colour that is uncommon and very rarely found as a result of which it enhances your beauty and looks extremely appealing to the eye. The pleated area of the saree and its pallu are in the metallic sea weed colour, while the borders are in bright yellow, beautifully and radiantly contrasting the sea weed colour of the saree and standing out. The saree has the traditional mango design embossed all along it in a deep shade of the sea weed colour that blends into the colour of the saree. The mango design is also embossed in gold at intervals on the saree, adding a beautiful contrast to the otherwise sober metallic colour. The borders of the saree are in pure gold with delicate gold mago designs in the metallic sea weed colour in order to contrast the yellow. This border is also used on the borders of the pallu, with the pallu's border of yellow being thick and starting midway, giving it a very vibrant look, helping it stand out. The major intricate work has been done on the pallu in gold and the entire look of the saree lies in its intricate and brightly vibrant pallu that gives it a classy and majestic look.

Accessories It:

Since Kanchipuram sarees are worn for occasions such as weddings and get togethers, the most popular jewellery worn with it is gold jewellery. You could team up your saree with a pair of gold jhumkas and a gold necklace set. They would match the gold mango work done on your saree perfectly. You could also wear a gold stone set and gold bangles that would be a perfect match. However, if you wish to turn down the look of gold a bit lesser, then you could always opt for two gold balas and a few metallic sea weed coloured bangles between them, alternately . This would be a beautiful option to accessories your saree and enhance your look. If you wish to give yourself an even more traditional, South Indian look then you could wear jasmine flowers in your hair and tie it in a neat and traditional hairdo. Follow these styling tips and look exceptionally pretty this wedding and festive season. This glamorous and classy look along with its traditional features is sure to make people's heads turn and grab some attention along with well deserved compliments. This saree does not only have the ability to make you look beautiful but also makes you feel the same! Maintain this saree in the correct manner in order to increase its durability and maintain its beauty. Make sure to dry clean this Kanchipuram saree only, as silk fabric should strictly be dry cleaned in order to maintain the embossed detailing of the saree and prevent damage to the fine material. Follow these maintenance tips to help keep your saree lasting long and looking beautiful even after years of purchase. The finesse of this saree is such that it can be passed down to generations without ever losing its beauty and longevity.

So go ahead and shop online for this beautiful metallic sea weed coloured Kanchipuram silk saree and look your stunning best this wedding season!

Product Details
Manufacturer Kanchipuram Silks
Brand Kanchipuram silks
Model Number DKM05AR028
Material Silk
Colour Blue
Size Free Size
Item Package Quantity 1

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