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Multi Color Sling Bag
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Multi Color Sling Bag

Brand Kanvas Katha
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Product Description

There are times when you cherish nothing more than extreme simplicity. The simpler an item is, the more you feel closer to nostalgia. The multi colour sling bag produced by Kanvas Katha is as simple as it can be. However, this bag is more than just a showpiece. Slim and neat in design, this bag can be your constant companion wherever you go. If the events are casual and you wish to spend some quality time with likeminded friends then you need this simple yet handy sling bag. You can easily carry this bag to work, for social events and when you step out of your home for shopping or just like that.

This multi colour sling bag produced by Kanvas Katha is made of canvas and as a result, it hardly carries any weight of its own. The base colour of this bag is leaf green, something that will feel you closer to environment. There are patterns drawn on this bag in black and reddish-orange colour. These patterns not only add a splash of colour to this bag, but also enhance its appearance. To complete the ensemble, a bright pink coloured strap has been added to this bag. This strap is large enough for you to carry this bag on your shoulders. There is a discrete branding strip on one side of the bag. The strip is small and adds an air of exclusivity to this bag.

Maintaining this bag is easy because of the canvas cloth. For cleaning this bag, you can use a damp piece of clean cloth. Just ensure that you dry the bag in a shaded area so that the colour does not lose its lustre. The inside of the bag is one large area where you can store all those essential items that you tend to carry with you. Your money wallet, your makeup items, your sunglasses and your mobile phone can be put inside the space and there will still be plenty left for other items. This central space can be opened or closed with a zipper that has been added to the top of the bag. This bag is for any woman because this is the purpose that has been kept in mind when designing it. You go anywhere with this multi colour sling bag produced by Kanvas Katha and people are bound to give it a second look. It is ethnic, it is useful and it is an important accessory for you.

Product Details
Brand Kanvas Katha

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