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Karlie Perfect Care Hair Brush for Dogs and Cats 23cm

Karlie Perfect Care Hair Brush for Dogs and Cats 23cm

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Product Description

Karlie Perfect Care Hair Brush for Dogs and Cats 23 cm is an ideal grooming product for your favorite pets. This brush is good for both cats and dogs. It helps to keep the pet's coat shiny and healthy. The brush is suitable for pets with short as well as long hair. It is designed to provide smooth combing experience to the pets.

High-quality Material

Karlie Perfect Care Hair Brush for Dogs and Cats 23 cm is made from high-quality material to last you a long time. This brush will keep serving you for a long period of time even after prolonged use. The brush is easy to use and will not tangle your pet's hair. It is specially designed to deal with long hair. Keep your pet's hair clean and tangle free with the help of this brush. The brush is easy to manage and clean. You can keep it functional and looking like new with just a little care. The brush has smooth and soft bristles to ensure that your pet gets the best and most convenient brushing experience. It also detangles hair in a painless way, while providing relaxing massage like action for the pets. The brush is also convenient to clean. This helps in maintaining hygiene.

Karlie Perfect Care Hair Brush for Dogs and Cats 23 cm can be used as cleaning and grooming brush. The brush helps in increasing the shine and smoothness of your pet's coat. It also helps in improving circulation to ensure the well being of your cat or dog. The brush comes with bristles that are soft and strong at the same time. The bristles are able to withstand rough and tough use. The bristles will not come off even after repeated use. Maintain your pet's well being with the help of this brush. It has ergonomic design to ensure that the brush is not only comfortable for your pet but for you as well. It fits well into your hand and will not tire them even after long use. Make your pet healthy and well groomed with this brush. To get this product, you can place the order online.

Product Features

  • Perfect Hair Brush
  • Grooming Brush
  • Hair Brush By Karlie
Product Details
Manufacturer Karlie
Brand Karlie
Item Package Quantity 1

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     Tasty, wholesome, nutritious food for my darling pet 7 June, 2013 On
    My dog took to eating Pedigree the instant I placed a bowl of it before him. It disappeared within minutes! Within a few days, I found him to be more active and playful. A glow came over his coat. I could see him run around a lot more and develop a healthy appetite as well. His habit of eating his own potty disappeared! My house was getting more chewed up... but I loved to see that happen! Its a no hassle dog food, not messy and easily available at any grocery. I also feel their customer support is excellent. My vet too was very happy that I switched to Pedigree. Me, my vet and pet feel Pedigree is the best.
    My doggie now tugs at my skirt when its time for him to feed a big bowl of Pedigree. Pedigree is the only food I give my doggie baby and I feel rest assured that he will remain healthy, happy and full with it. Thank you Pedigree! :-)
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