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Kaspersky Pure 3.0 Total Security 1PC / 1 Year (Old Edition)

Kaspersky Pure 3.0 Total Security 1PC / 1 Year (Old Edition)

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Product Description

Keep your computer protected with the Kaspersky Pure Total Security. Today, most of our important data is stored in the digital format and so it is important to have the best type of security available. A virus is one of the main threats that can infiltrate your computer system and leave with valuable information. It is essential to have a security system to protect us from these harmful threats.

An anti-virus is a kind of software that will fight these viruses and quarantine your computer to make sure that no such attacks happen again in the near future. However it is important that before you get yourself one, you make sure that it is a trustworthy brand. Kaspersky brings you the Kaspersky Pure Total Security, an anti-virus that will not only fight viruses but also malware and other harmful applications that may hinder with the performance of your computer. Kaspersky is a well-known brand when it comes to technological solutions and it is not going to let you down with this product either. So why take risks?Shop online for Kaspersky Pure Total Security now and stay protected!


The Kaspersky Pure Total Security is the latest version of the anti-virus software developed by Kaspersky. It has a state of the art protection system for your computer. The most attractive feature about this product is the one year subscription. There are many anti-virus software that are available for download on the internet, but very few offer you a one year subscription. Or even if they do, there is always a catch behind it. This Kaspersky Pure Total Security gives you full, unadulterated protection for your computer for 365 days. This anti-virus software has a very user-friendly interface which can be operated by people of all ages, regardless of their knowledge of computers.

Often there are many complaints about people losing their data forever due to their anti-virus software quarantine issues. However, this software will simply delete the virus and store all your infected data in a secured location. You can have access to this data and you can retrieve it whenever you may require. This Kaspersky Pure Total Security lets you enjoy your digital life to fullest without you having to worry about anything. This anti-virus has the ability to keep itself updated regularly to ensure that you get the latest updates for your anti-virus in order to make sure that you are well protected against the latest cyber threats. This Kaspersky Pure Total Security does not take up much space on your hard disk and does not slow down your system either.

There is a PC Clean Up tool that cleans up your system and gets rid of all the useless files that take up a lot of space on your hard disk. This feature makes more space available, thereby giving you more space to store your valuable data. At the same time the performance of your computer improves immensely too.

In today's world, online shopping is preferred to conventional shopping modes as it saves more time and energy. However the internet is an open network that has numerous hidden threats. While making online money transactions your account is very vulnerable and can be accessed by anyone who knows their way around. So it is important to have security at these times. The Kaspersky Pure Total Security has features known as Secure Online Banking and Shopping with Kaspersky's Unique Safe Money Technology that will make all your transactions very discreet and keep you protected from all sorts of theft while making transactions.

It also has a 'Game Mode' which you can switch it to while playing your favourite games. This mode enhances your computer's performance to make sure that you get the best gaming experience. Anti-virus software programmes have a reputation of slowing down your system, but this Kaspersky Pure Total Security is here to take care of all that. The last and the most convenient feature of this product is that it is compatible with almost all versions of the Windows operating system.

Maintenance and Care

There is not much maintenance needed for this product as this software has a mind of its own and does what it needs to for the best. However you can take certain measures in order to stay safe. First of all, it is important that you keep an active internet connection in order to allow the Kaspersky Pure Total Security to keep itself updated at all times. Secondly, remove all other anti-virus software programmes that were installed in your computer as this could affect the performance of the Kaspersky Pure Total Security. Last, but not the least, manually scan for viruses once in a while to ensure that your system is clean and well protected. So why wait anymore? Buy Kaspersky Pure Total Security online today and protect yourself from all kinds of cyber threats.

Key Features

Complete protection of your PC for one full year

User friendly interface

Keeps itself updated regularly

Enhances the performance of your PC

It has a Gaming Mode which gives you the best gaming experience

Secure Online Banking and Shopping with Kaspersky's Unique Safe Money Technology

PC Clean Up tool that cleans up your system

Secure Vault System

Product Features

  • Delivers ultimate protection for PCs, Macs and Android devices
  • Secures online shopping and banking transactions
  • Protects your privacy against webcam spying and more
  • Alerts you to unsafe public Wi-Fi networks
  • Secures your identity, photos, files other digital assets
Product Details
Manufacturer Kaspersky
Brand Kaspersky
Model Number Pure 3.0
Colour Name Green
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Operating System Windows 7

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Overall Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Very good protection for PC/Laptop/Notebook/Palmtop 25 April, 2015 On
    It is a very good protector from all types of online threats, does not significantly slow down PC and very easy to handle with friendly interface. It's detection of threats & killing power of the same are just awesome. Even, it prevents the unknown threats, that have not yet been included in it's database. The price is also comparatively low. I have been using it for the last 7 years. Considering all the aspects, it is the best buy so far I've experienced.
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