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Kemei KM-2599 Trimmer For Men (Black)

Kemei KM-2599 Trimmer For Men (Black)

Target Gender Male
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Overview: Kemei Km-2599 Trimmer For Men

Shaving with your razor every morning can sometimes be a tedious job. In fact, you might get cuts and bruises on hurrying. In order to save you from this morning blue, here in market is Kemei KM-2599 Trimmer for Men. With this, you will get a perfect shave in a whip of a time. You can buy online Kemei KM-2599 Trimmer for Men and enjoy comfortable shaving always.

Product description

The trimmer from Kemei is a must have for all men who want to shave their beard in minutes. This trimmer sports a sleek and sturdy design enabling easy handling. Its ergonomic shaped body makes it easy to hold and operate. This trimmer runs on rechargeable battery. The charging set comes with the trimmer. It also sports a LED indicator to show the level of charging. The premium quality stainless steel blade cuts and trims the beard, moustache and side burns with precision and neatness. This comes with adjustable length settings so that you can do any styling according to your preference. It comes with a stand mount that will enable you to store the trimmer properly when not in use. After the trimmer is completely charged, this will run for 45 minutes continuously to give you a break free shaving. This trimmer needs 8 hours of uninterrupted charging for smooth functioning. This trimmer is made shock proof and water resistant for convenient usage. Its compact design and wireless functioning allows it to be perfectly mobile. You can fully charge the trimmer and pack it in your handbag itself if you are heading for a small tour or so.

Key features

Sleek and sturdy design for easy handling

Ergonomic shape for easy usage

Runs on rechargeable battery

Shock proof and water resistant

Easy portability

Direction to Use

What's best about this trimmer is that it is extremely handy. However, if you are unaware of how to use a trimmer, here are a few steps. At first, you need to decide on the length of the beard that you would like to keep. Now start by clipping the beard from down the ear and move across the face. Hold the trimmer at a constant angle to your skin for even trimming and use long and smooth strokes. If your beard is long, it is important to shampoo and condition your beard for easier shaving.


Maintaining this trimmer is as easy as using it. To keep the trimmer clean, whisk away all the remaining hair from the blades with a soft bristled brush. Though the blades are made of stainless steel, it is advisable not to submerge it in water as it can tamper the wiring and its mechanism. Oil the blades at a regular interval with the special cleaning oil made for this purpose. Hold the trimmer with the blades pointing downwards and switch it on. Put one drop of oil across the blade and switch it off and wipe away the extra oil with a nonabrasive cloth. Remember not to put too much oil and not to oil the trimmer more than necessary. Do not try to oil the motor, otherwise it could get damaged. Remove the trimmer from charging while cleaning it. Since the trimmer is precision made for the purpose of trimming facial hair, do not use it for other purposes or for cutting any material. Doing so will damage the blades.  

Safety Precautions

Following safety precautions is very important while using any kind of gadgets. In this case also, it is important to adhere to safety measures for harm free usage. Keep the trimmer out of the reach of children. Responsible adult supervision is required if this trimmer is used by any adolescent. It is recommended not to use any attachment on the trimmer that has not been supplied with it. If any teeth of the blades are broken or the trimmer is behaving abnormally, do not use the trimmer at any cost. This will cause severe injury and can prove to be fatal. While cleaning it, switch off the trimmer. While it is switched on, do not put the trimmer on any surface. This will break the teeth of the blade and will be damaged. Following these few precautions will keep you and the trimmer safe and sound.

Wait no longer to add this to your grooming kit. You can shop online Kemei KM-2599 Trimmer for Men till the stock lasts. 

Product Details
Brand Kemei
Target Gender Male

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