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Kendal Vivid Large Deer Handcrafted Wood Cuckoo Clock With 4 Dancers Dancing With Music
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Kendal Vivid Large Deer Handcrafted Wood Cuckoo Clock With 4 Dancers Dancing With Music

Lowest online price: 20,898
Brand Kendal
Model Number cc106
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Product Description

As they say "time and tide wait for no man", this saying is no doubt very true. Time is the most important aspect that rules everyone on this earth. No one can ever stay unaware of time. Time flies at the blink of an eye. Clock is our life saver. It is this device that keeps us conscious of time. Life is definitely very convenient with clocks. The amazing vivid large deer handcrafted wood cuckoo clock with four dancers dancing with music is a perfect way to take an account of time at your. It is a unique and a wonderful clock that will keep you updated with the precise time. This will be an altogether different experience to take a look at time. It is more fun than the usual boring type of other clocks. It is definitely going to rock your world.


Kendal is a very renowned brand dealing with world class clocks. The products by Kendel are of ultimate premium quality. It is a very trusted brand in terms of clocks. The designs of the clocks by Kendel are very beautiful and sophisticated. The clocks of Kendel are very interesting in the entire appeal. It has a vast range of clocks. The features of the clocks are exceptionally good. The designers of the brand are very particular about the needs and the demands of the customers. Each product is manufactured with utmost care and preciseness. The brand focuses on the satisfaction of the customers. The customer service provided by the brand is simply very prompt and good. The clocks by Kendel are sure too lighten your house beautifully. The products by Kendel will never disappoint you in anyway. You can shop online conveniently.


Nowadays, people are very keen on decorating their homes with the right kind of items. The décor of one's home definitely reflects the personality of the person who owns it. Kendel is an amazing brand that has come up with a remarkable piece of clock called the Vivid Large Deer Handcrafted Wood Cuckoo Clock with 4 Dancers Dancing with Music. This item is a must have in your home. It is bound to make your home and life very interesting. It is human nature to get bored often. What other way to take a look at time in a more interesting way than with this stunning clock. Cuckoo clocks never tend to fail you. This clock is made of solid wood. The wood used is of excellent quality. There are two vivid handcrafted deer. One deer is at the top and the other is at the bottom. There is a very pretty bird house. Just below the bird house is a rotating proscenium with four dancers on it. The dancers dance beautifully with music. The clock has the Roman numerals. The cuckoo bird comes out and sings every hour. The proscenium keeps rotating with the music. You do not have to worry about the sound at night because the clock comes with a night shut off feature. Overall the clock is splendid. This is sure to make your home even more pretty and musical.


  • BRAND: Kendel
  • MODEL: cc106
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 66 cm x 49 cm x 21.1 cm


Home is definitely where the heart is. It is to a certain extent the interior of our homes that make us feel relaxed and content. Almost every one of us wants a very warm and well decorated home. With the amazing clock by Kendel, one's home is sure to look fresh and pretty. Kendel clock is definitely of good quality but a little precaution can be taken while dealing with it. The clock comes with a guidance manual. It is recommended you read it carefully. Make sure you hang the clock in a firm and stable place with good support. Do not wipe the clock with any harsh cleaning item. You can dust the dirt with a soft bristle brush. Avoid placing the clock in a very hot and humid environment. Do not open the internal parts of the clock without proper guidance. This clock is a must have in your beautiful home.

Product Features

  • Solid Wood, Forest Deer style with hand-carved decorations.
  • Hand Carved Details. Two vivid handcrafted deer -- one on the top; the other at the bottom. Below the bird house, there is one rotating proscenium with four performers on it.
  • The Bird Comes Out and Sings Every Hour While the Proscenium is Rotating. The four cute performers also rotate with music.
  • Automatic Night Shut Off Sensor -- night silencer. Adjustable Volume. Two D Battery Operated (not included)
  • Dim: 26
Product Details
Manufacturer Kendal
Manufacturer Part Number Ken-2166
Brand Kendal
Model Number cc106
Item Package Quantity 50
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 66 cm x 49 cm x 21.1 cm

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Overall Rating 3.2 out of 5 stars
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