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Kenwood MO746 Oven Toaster Grill-White/Gray

Kenwood MO746 Oven Toaster Grill-White/Gray

Brand Kenwood
Model Number MO746
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Overview: Kenwood MO746 Oven Toaster Grill-White/Gray

Kenwood, the renowned brand in kitchen home appliances has introduced the MO746 oven toasting and grilling (OTG) machine. This Kenwood oven toasting and grilling appliance has a 60 minute cut of timer to help you bake cakes and other treats that require adequate heating. If you are a person who fancies multitasking, the audible sound will alert you when cooking has reached its climax. You can then switch off the oven an take out your food, which is already cooked.

The operating system of this oven is multifunctional. So now you can bake a cake, grill sandwiches, toast bread and even prepare mouth watering meat rotisserie all in one appliance. There are lights that are fitted inside to help you check on the cooking happening inside the oven. The sliding crumb tray inside collects the shreds falling from your meal and is easily movable for removal of crumbs. The sides of the oven are non-stick and easy to clean. So you no longer deal with the irritating hassles of a mess being created inside your oven due to sticking of food on it.

Cooking in an ordinary oven can be time consuming, but with the convection mode of this Kenwood MO746 Oven, and its spacious 25L capacity you can save on both times, as well as energy. The opening glass door provides you with a clear view of what is cooking and helps you estimate better. With 1900 watts of power output, this Kenwood oven is quite a cooking muscle. There is a wired rack and handle that comes along with this oven to help you grill and grip better.

Enhance your toasting and grilling experience with this cooking asset from Kenwood, which toasts, grills and bakes with ease. You can order this product of the internet, buy shopping for it online.

Features: Kenwood MO746 Oven Toaster Grill-White/Gray

  • 60 minute auto cut-off timer
  • Power 'on' indicator light
  • Audible signal when cooking ends
  • Multifunction-roast, bake, grill, toast or rotisserie
  • Interior light makes it easy to check on cooking progress
  • Slide out crumb tray for safe and convenient removal of crumbs
  • Convection function improves cooking, saving time and energy
  • Non-stick sides for easy cleaning
  • Easy view and open glass door
  • Includes wire rack and rack/dish handle
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 1900 watts
Product Details
Manufacturer Kenwood
Brand Kenwood
Model Number MO746
Colour Name White and Gray
Wattage 1,900 Watts
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 1 year on product
Technical Specification
Power Source Electric

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