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Khaitan Induction Cooktop JOSH-KIC410AD

Khaitan Induction Cooktop JOSH-KIC410AD

Brand Khaitan
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Overview: Khaitan Induction Cooktop JOSH-KIC410AD

The Khaitan Induction Cooktop JOSH-KIC410AD is the perfect equipment for hassle free cooking. This cooktop uses electricity to generate the heat for cooking. It comes with a rating of 1,800 Watt. However, the electricity bill generated by this device is not exorbitant. The device is highly energy efficient as it uses the induction heating technique and consumes much less power than any of the conventional electrical cooking devices. The Khaitan induction cooktop is an ideal gift for a bachelor or family that has just shifted home and need to do the cooking even when the gas connection is not available.

The electric induction cooktop has a sleek and polished cooking surface made of ceramic. This looks good and is easy to clean too. You can simply clean it by wiping it with a dry piece of cloth. The interactive touch control buttons let you select the heater settings. You can set the cooktop for soup making, milk boiling stir fry and rice cooking, etc. The cooktop sets up induction current in the utensil that is resisted by the food inside. This in turn gives rise to resistive heating that is used to cook the food. This method is very fast and hence the cooking happens very fast in the device. Therefore, this device is a serious time saver for you and will be handy when you are in a hurry.

The Khaitan electric induction cooktop has a 1.2 meter long power cord. This length ensures that you can connect it to a power outlet considerably far away from the appliance. The Khaitan Josh cooktop is easy to carry around. Since the cooktop runs on electricity, you can cook in any room of your house. The best part is you can watch your favourite programme on television and cook at the same time. You can shop online to get the cooktop delivered at your house.

Features: Khaitan Induction Cooktop JOSH-KIC410AD

  • CATEGORY : Induction Cooktops
Product Details
Brand Khaitan
Warranty 12 Months Standard Manufacturer Warranty

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