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Kids Scooter Foldable Outdoor Toy - Pink

Kids Scooter Foldable Outdoor Toy - Pink

Minimum Age 6 years
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Overview: Kids Scooter Foldable Outdoor Toy - Pink

Kids Scooter Foldable Outdoor Toy is a perfect gift for an active child over the age of 5 years who need to spend their extra energy with good exercise.It has 3 wheels which makes it easy and steady for the kids to handle .It is suitable specially for the beginners and is designed with various cartoon characters on it making it cool for the kids who fantasies about superheroes.This alloy scooter is foldable and can easily be stored away when not in use and will not clutter your child's play area.It is equipped with footplates which have a good grip and the handles are adjustable which can be adjusted according to the height of the child The footplates measures 35 cm x 7 cm and are broad enough to accommodate even a healthy child with ease while the dimension of the handle is 26 cm which can be adjusted in height from 50 cm to 73 cm.Though the scooter is light weighted it still is suitable for children up to the weight of 50 kg. On smooth roads it runs on a very good speed but is still steady as it has 2 wheels instead of 1 on the backside which gives it the right amount of balance.This scooter needs to be propelled with one feet.It's wheels are fitted with LED lights that emits different colors while rotating making it very attractive .This super bike scooted even has brakes which makes it safe and reliable for kids who are out on an exciting adventure.It also features a stand that puts the scooter on hold while not in use.Kids Scooter Foldable Outdoor Toy is a available in 3 different colors, blue, green and pink with different characters designed on each which makes it a thing of pride for eve kid to have.This product comes in a box and can be easily assembled with the given instructions.The weight of the scooter is 2 kg and The tire to tire dimensions is 59 cm and the dimension of the handle is 26 cm.The wheel dimensions are 95 cm and when folded the dimensions of the scooter are 55 cm x 9 cm x 12 cm . The product also comes with a 30 day seller warranty.Gift your child a Kids Scooter Foldable Outdoor Toy and take pride in his smile he glides across the room.This fantastic toy will prove to be a reliable mode of transport for kids who have an adventurous steak in them and will take them places.It is also a break from the traditional bicycles that adds an element of fun to it. Enable your child to fulfill his dreams and make him ride to infinity and beyond with this foldable scooter.

Kids Scooter Foldable Outdoor Toy is manufactured in specialized plants and uses safe materials and is put through a rigorous quality control procedure keeping children's safety in mind. So order your toy now and be the reason behind your child's smile. Kids Scooter Foldable Outdoor Toy is exclusively available at at an unbeatable price.

Features: Kids Scooter Foldable Outdoor Toy - Pink

  • Colors Available : Red, Blue, Green, Pink etc
  • 3 Wheels for Better Handling
  • Wheels with LED Lights
  • A Perfect gift for your kid
  • The alloy, foldable scooter is the perfect gift for the active child that loves nothing more than to live out the exciting adventures of their favourite action character.
Product Details
Manufacturer Others
Brand Generic
Colour Name Red, Blue, Green, Pink etc
Minimum Age 6 years
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 55 cm x 12 cm x 9 cm

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