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Kissing Ass: The Art of Office Politics

Kissing Ass: The Art of Office Politics

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher RHI
A jargon-free guide on how to play all kinds of office politics Some people can kiss ass naturally, some can't do it to save their lives, and many just don't know how! Kissing Ass: The Art of Office Politics is a no-bullshit, jargon-free, non-sloppy guide that breaks own typical workplace situations and offers you not textbook advice but real sucking-up solutions to them. From nervous first days to elated farewell mails, Kissing Ass gives you tips and tricks on how to act, react, or play dumb as per the scenario. Learn different types of ego massage techniques, what to say to the CEO in the loo, how to reply to work emails over weekends, and, yes, even how to deal with sex at work! So polish your corporate lips, pucker up, and get ready to kiss your way to success.About the AuthorClyde D'Souza has produced TV shows, written scripts, created annoying caller tunes, and bastardized content for clients. He has kissed ass at media companies like JAM, MTV and 9X Media. He lives in Mumbai and ... See more
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     just pun and hype 4 June, 2012 On
    This book was a disappointment! I never expected this book to actually teach me how to kiss ass but I was hoping that it would at least be a fun read - but it turned out to be a dud! This book is at most a pun guide for beginners - who have never set foot into a work environment before! I did not even finish the book!

    Bottom line: If you like profanity and don't care what you read about go ahead and indulge. For the rest: stay away!
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