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Kitchen Hobs GH 03 (AI)

Kitchen Hobs GH 03 (AI)

Brand Prestige
Model Number GH03AI
Colour Black
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Overview: Kitchen Hobs GH 03 (AI)

Kitchen Hobs GH 03 (AI) is a gas hob from the house of Prestige. Gas hobs are still widely used and popular. Keeping this fact in mind, Prestige has introduced a wide range of modern and ultra-fashionable kitchen hobs. These can go well with the décor of today's modular kitchens. GH 03 (Al) is such an elegant and useful Prestige stove. It is available in a shiny black colour. You can buy this kitchen hob online as it can help you save time, energy and money. You generally get better deals online and there's no doubt that online kitchen shopping is fast becoming popular amongst the people. However, before placing an order online, it would be important for you to check offers of the retailers listed on Junglee.

The kitchen hob comes with 3 separate burners

The more the number of separate burners, the better it is for you. This is because gas hobs which have a greater number of rings or burners, make it easy for you to prepare more number of dishes in less time. This Prestige stove has three separate burners and so you can cook almost two times faster as compared to those kitchen hobs, which have only two separate rings for cooking. These are high speed burners and helps in preparing dishes in a matter of few minutes. Less cooking time helps in retaining greater amount of vitamins and other essential elements of vegetables, fish and meat.

It has a unique and tough body

This hob from Prestige is made of toughened glass and is therefore sturdy enough to withstand long usage. It is going to last for years if used with proper care and is maintained well.

It has a spill proof body

This modern kitchen hob has a spill proof body. One of the main problems that cooks face is hobs getting dirty. Gravy spills over and makes the surface dirty, rendering it even tougher to clean the same. However, the spill proof body of this cookware promises to do away with this problem.

Features: Kitchen Hobs GH 03 (AI)

  • CATEGORY : Cooktops & Hobs
Product Details
Manufacturer Prestige
Brand Prestige
Model Number GH03AI
Colour Black

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