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Knockout Pepper Spray - Key Ring Style

Knockout Pepper Spray - Key Ring Style

Target Gender Female
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Overview: Knockout Pepper Spray - Key Ring Style

Stuck in a situation where you feel unsafe but don't know what to do? The easiest way to get out of situations where you feel you need self-defence is to use a pepper spray. Causing irritation and tearing to the attackers eyes, the Knockout Pepper Spray available with the added facility of carrying it around like a key ring, is the perfect solution while in an unsafe situation. Whether it is a women travelling alone, an elderly person or just about anyone living in an unsafe neighbourhood, it is necessary to be ready with self-defence options while travelling alone.

With the increasing number of crimes taking place in every nook and corner, it is always advisable to carry self defence mechanisms. The easiest to carry and most effective among all is the pepper spray, which is nothing but a combination of chilli and pepper powder which results in leaving the attacker blinded temporarily and tearing for about 30 minutes depending on the potency of the product. Now enjoy a safer jog in the morning or travel without fear even when it gets a little late at night. Save yourself from the risks of getting harassed or robbed by spraying an ample amount of pepper spray on the attackers face and eyes specifically.

The product comes in a small and inexpensive bottle with a spray mouth formula, making it easy for you to carry it around as well as to spray while in a crisis situation. Considering that help might not be available everywhere and at all times it is necessary to rely on self-defence. Beneficial for older citizens as well, these pepper sprays can be a perfect solution for those who might run a risk of getting attacked anytime. You can shop online for this perfectly formulated product, available only at Junglee. Also avail the most interesting prices offered to you by a number of sellers listed on our site.

Product Details
Manufacturer KNOCKOUT
Brand Knockout
Target Gender Female

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