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Silent Hill Downpour (PS3)

Silent Hill Downpour (PS3)

Lowest online price: 2,798
ESRB Rating Mature
Manufacturer Konami
Platform Playstation 3
Video Game Region NTSC U/C
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Overview: Silent Hill Downpour

Forget horror movies, instead be a part of the horror world filled with all the things that creep you and get ready to be thrilled while playing this Silent Hill Downpour PS3 game.


Eighth instalment in the most popular Silent Hill, a survival horror video game series, this edition faces you with even more terrifying and panicking experiences with loads of changes and additions to the gameplay. This game, playable in a third-person view, has Murphy Pendleton as the protagonist. He has been incarcerated in Ryall State Prison for several years and is subject to be transferred to another prison along with a few other prisoners. The bus meets with an unexpected accident on the way and Murphy gains consciousness next to the wrecked bus in a forest indicating his escape. He is then left to explore the godforsaken town of Silent Hill where evil lurks in every corner.

The game lets you explore abandoned territories, solve puzzles and engage in breathtaking combats with heinous monsters along the captivating storyline. To add more sense and life-like experiences, you are allowed to carry just one firearm and melee or two firearms and no melee to help you face the life threatening situations. Your character gets shaped and changes with the choices you make along the game. Your character shows torn clothes and blood spots that are highly detailed with high quality graphics on his body indicating deteriorating health. The fog and rain adds density to the game. But beware, the rain sends even more ferocious blood-thirsty monsters along your way.


This survival horror PS3 game lets you experience many characters along the storyline. You (Murphy Pendleton) face police officers like Anne Marie Cunningham who hates you and George Sewell who is a corrupt man. You also meet some wicked persons including a nun, postman, and disc jockey in the town of Silent Hill. And then there are some prominent monsters that will send chills down your spine like the Bogeyman, an enormous ugly beast holding a sledgehammer and the Wheelman, a bizarre creature in a wheelchair.

Original Music

You wouldn't be terrified if a children's rhyme plays as the background music, right? This PlayStation 3 game has original music directed and composed by renowned composer, Dan Licht, who has also been highly appreciated for his work in the ShowTime series, Dexter. The audio is created in similar to the sounds made by use of objects made of organic matter as musical instruments. So, a simple creak on the floor or a door banging sound is sure to make it feel more lively.

If you think you are tough and fear nothing or if you would like to induce some thrill by playing different games in tune to your regular racing and adventure games, then this Silent Hill Downpour PS3 game is the perfect choice to keep you glued to your couch for hours at a time.

Features: Silent Hill Downpour

  • Explore the ever-changing game world
  • Unlock new game areas, special items and bonus content by venturing into all-new side quests
  • Uncover the deep and dark storyline of the latest Silent Hill thriller
  • Experience the spine-tingling chills and psychological terror
  • Immerse yourself in the desolate town of Silent Hill with intense visuals
Product Details
ESRB Rating Mature
Manufacturer Konami
Operating System sony_playstation3
Platform Playstation 3
Video Game Region NTSC U/C
Maximum Age 20 years
Minimum Age 17 years
Release Date March 13, 2012
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 181.4 grams
Product Dimensions 17.8 cm x 13.7 cm x 0.2 cm

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Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars
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