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Konami Castlevania Lords of Shadow PS3 Game

Konami Castlevania Lords of Shadow PS3 Game

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Features: Konami Castlevania Lords of Shadow PS3

  • ESRB Rating: M

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Being the Lord of shadow 11 February, 2014 On
    I bought this game and played it throughout. A nice game but not for me.
    Castlevania is a third-person action game in which you are to play the role of the buff, angry, and eponymous commander, while commanding your small band of warriors, "thanes" by doing simple commands. The combat is rather cinematic, a bit gory, and repetitive making it rather boring after a while.

    >> The Story :-
    The story is similar to the computer animated DVD movie with the same title, but somehow felt forced and full of nonsense. You play as Castlevania, a strong monster-slaying Nordic macho dude who loves fame and glory, and he wants to rid the Danes of a monster called Grendel.
    After Grendel was defeated, you're given a golden dragon horn by the danish king, who then asks you to kill Grendel's mother. Macho he may be but still a man he is, the demoness manage to seduce Castlevania into giving her the horn, and VIOLA all of a sudden you're the Danish King, and your kingdom is in peril once more having a new demon roaming around and threaterning your kingdom. The players role is to kill baddies, and somehow not be seduced by demoness, who'll gladly humps your leg and bites your neck whenever she sees you and given the chance.

    >> Gameplay :-
    Extremely straight forward. The game is very linear and doesn't take long to finish. However in that short journey there are many obstacles such as pitfalls you may never escape from, puzzles, the silly drumming mini-games, etc.
    The game also introduce pruzzle solving elements, if you can call it a puzzle that is.
    The game also introduce "carnal" versus "heroic" scale system.

    >> My Opinion after playing this game :-
    Most of the environment look good, rendered and drawn nicely with plenty of atmosphere and creepy set pieces, and the cinematic violence certainly has enough blood and gore.
    However the character rendering is not very impressive, some of the textures look as if using a lost ancient graphic technology. The game looks and runs great without any noticeable rendering laggy-ness.
    The price is also perfect, so ENJOY PLAYING !
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