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Minolta F10BF 35mm Camera

Minolta F10BF 35mm Camera

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Overview: Minolta F10BF 35mm Camera

The popularity of digital cameras made a big impact on the market of film cameras. But still millions of people love film cameras due to the incomparable quality of pictures it produce. As per photography experts, the picture quality of images captured in a film camera is much better than a digital camera. Apart from that, if you are planning to learn photography skills, it is better to start with a film camera. You can learn the art of photography using it because most of the functions in a film camera are manual. Minolta is one among the leading film camera companies in the world that have launched hundreds of film cameras. Still they are able to hold a strong position in the camera market because of the trust they got from thousands of users. Minolta F10BF 35mm camera is the latest launch from Minolta in their film camera series. It is targeted for beginners and its pricing is under 4000rs which makes it one of the best and cheapest film cameras available now.

Features of Minolta F10BF

Minolta F10BF is specially designed for beginners who are new in the field of photography. But it got almost all the advanced features required for a modern film camera. This camera features auto focus which we can see in some advanced cameras. So focusing the required object using Minolta F10BF will be an easy task. It is equipped with an automatic flash. The flash is Xeon flash which is much better than LED flashes used in ordinary digital camera. This flash is capable to produce more light than LED flash and it will be very helpful while taking images at low light or in night. The flash supports red-eye reduction so that, unwanted red eyes on the object can be removed at the time of capturing the image. This feature is seen in some premium models only but this one has it.

Since it works on films, it has many options for optimum usage of it. Camera films are very costly and Minolta took special care in its design to stop wastage of film. The film speed setting is automatic in this camera. It is a very good option for beginners because, if the film rotates on uncontrollable speed it will result in bad quality images and hence the film will be wasted. It also supports automatic loading, rewinding and advancing of the film so that we do not need to do all these things manually. Hence we can save lots of time while taking photos.

The view finder of Minolta F10BF is one of the biggest in this category. So to check the view of the object, we do not need to take much strain. Normally if we watch an object through the view finder in a film camera, our eyes will feel maximum strain due to the small viewfinder. But this camera is equipped with one of the biggest viewfinders available for a film camera and hence there will be no strain for your eyes. The lens of film cameras needs much protection because even minor scratches or dust over it will affect its performance. Minolta F10BF comes with a lens cover that gives maximum protection to its lens. So after using the camera we can cover the lens using it.

For its working, we just need only two AA batteries which are available at shops at cheaper rates. Minolta employed a special technology for making F10BF energy efficient. So using these two batteries is enough for hundreds of clicks. It does not have lots of keys and buttons for functioning. All you need is press the click key for capturing pictures of great quality. For beginners, it will be a great thing for sure.

Minolta F10 BF is perfect buy for those who are trying to learn the basics of photography. It has most of the features required for a good film camera and also very cheaper compared to other film cameras available in the market. So buy this awesome Minolta F10BF from

Product Details
Manufacturer Konica Minolta
Brand Konica-Minolta
Model Number F10BF
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Batteries Required Yes
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 5.1 cm x 13.2 cm x 7.1 cm

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