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Kosher Men's Leather Jacket, Solid Black
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Kosher Men's Leather Jacket, Solid Black

Brand Kosher
Material Leather
Colour Black
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Overview: Kosher Men's Leather Jacket, Solid Black

With winter knocking at your doors, all you need is a fashionable leather jacket to sport a classy and stylish winter look. Winter is the time when every one is in the mood for fun and frolic and have a bunch of parties and occasions lined up. Therefore, it also becomes necessary that you have the right seasonal wear in your wardrobe so that you look stunning wherever you go. This Kosher Men's Leather Jacket, Solid Black is one of those pieces you cannot afford to miss this winter. Leather jackets have been in vogue since time immemorial and are still in vogue. Nothing matches the classic elegance of a leather jacket when it comes to fashionable winter wear. This solid black jacket is well-designed for all you men out there who are in need of a trendy but comfortable winter jacket this season. You have it here from the house of Kosher.

Product Features:

Brand: Kosher

Type: Winter Jackets

Material: Leather

Colour: Black

Sleeves: Full

Neck: High-neck

Fit: Regular

Target Audience: Men

Package Content: 1 Unit

Materials and Make:

The jacket is made from 100% genuine leather and will be a valuable addition to your wardrobe. The fabric is sure to be soft against your skin and will let you breathe when you are wearing. There is a good quality zipper attached to it so that you get the desired fit and get to carry a fuss free look. The brand ensures that you get a quality product that will last long in your wardrobe. The fine leather used in designing will surely impress you and give your look the desired edge and definition. Moreover, it will offer optimum insulation and protect you from the chilly weather so that you can get going without any hassle.

Colour and Design:

The classic black shade enhances the appeal of this jacket. Black is the ideal colour for a leather jacket and makes it look more well-defined. The silver zip and black buttons lined on the front adds to the appeal of this classy outfit. There is a pocket on one side of the chest so that you can store some essentials within. It also enhances the final look of this jacket. The jacket is well-designed and has got an appropriate shade and finish to captivate you. It is a treat for all the fashion lovers like you. You will not have to regret buying this as the jacket is surely one of those exclusive pieces you cannot afford to miss.

Care and Maintenance:

The fantastic fabric ensures that the jacket is resistant to wear and tear. With a little care and maintenace, the jacket will retain its newness and shine for a longer period. So, here are a few easy tips to maintain leather outfits. It is recommended to dry clean the jacket when required. You can use a soft and dry cloth to clean the accumulation of loose dirt on the surface of the jacket. There are various types of leather and it is always preferable that you read the wash care instructions that have been provided as a label with the outfit. However, there is an easy way by which you can experiment whether a wet piece of cloth can be used to wipe the surface or not. Drop a droplet of water on the jacket and test if it stays on. If it does, it is safe to use a piece of wet cloth while dusting. But, if the water gets absorbed and darkens the area, do not use it. You can use a soft brush or a dry sponge to clean your jacket. Do not ever bleach or wring the garment. You can steam iron it, if required. Store the jacket in your wardrobe using a padded hanger. Try and choose a secure place which is airy and not damp. Do not expose it to sunlight. Make sure to avoid using sprays in the vicinity. If you are carrying your jacket while traveling, make sure to use a eco friendly wrapper to wrap it and carry it safely.

Style Tips:

Look your stylish best wearing this trendy jacket from the house of Kosher. Just put on a pair of basic blue denims along with a casual tee and team it up with this jacket. Wear a pair of classic black boots to enhance your look. Black will match all other colours and can be paired up with any of the outfits in your collection. Wear this jacket to any of those casual outings when you are hanging around with your friends or to parties and look classy and elegant. You can also carry it to trips and beat the chill and look stylish at the same time. Use the zipper accordingly to get different looks with this single jacket. You are all set to walk out in style everytime you put it on.

Therefore, do not wait any longer. You can be the proud owner of this fabulous black jacket just with a simple click of the mouse. Shop for Kosher Men's Leather Jacket, Solid Black online. Get it delivered to your doorstep. Buy online.

Product Details
Brand Kosher
Material Leather
Colour Black

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