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KosmoCare Aluminum Shower Chair

KosmoCare Aluminum Shower Chair

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Overview: Kosmocare Aluminum Shower Chair

Are you in search of a chair which will help you take bath while sitting comfortably on it? Then you must have a look at this KosmoCare Aluminum Shower Chair brought to you by the brand KosmoCare. If you have a problem in your leg which makes it difficult for you to stand for long hours, you must buy this product and it will give you great comfort. Let us check out the attributes of this product which will help you make the purchase.


This Aluminum Shower Chair comes with an armrest which is detachable. If you do not need the armrest you can easily remove it according to your convenience. The armrest will help you to rest your hands on them. If you have any kind of patient at home, this product will just be the ideal buy. The width of the seat is 18 inches. It does not matter even if you are on the healthier side. You can fit in easily on this chair. The handles are made up of top quality aluminum. If you are worried whether this aluminum will not catch rust then be rest assured that it is completely rust free. The handles will survive all weather conditions without a glitch. Buy online KosmoCare Aluminum Shower Chair and bring home a very useful product. The weight of the chair is 12 kilograms. The weight is so light that you can carry it whenever you want. Even if you are relocating, carrying this aluminum chair will not be a hindrance. Its light weight adds to its compact size. If you have a little space in your home, do not worry even such restricted space will be sufficient to accommodate the chair. If you are concerned about the health of your loved ones buy online KosmoCare Aluminum Shower Chair and make their life easier.


 If your patient is advised by his doctor to be on complete bed rest then you can use this Aluminum Shower Chair and make your patient sit on it. Then take the chair inside the washroom with the help of the wheels and select a comfortable position near the tap. With the help of a telephone shower or simply a mug pour water on the patient and he can have a clean bath within minutes. This will prevent his legs from paining due to standing constantly. The wheels are so smooth that you will not find any problem while dragging it. People who are physically challenged can also opt for this amazing product. There is no need to be accompanied by a family member. You can drag yourself easily wherever you want while sitting on this chair. Be self dependent like never before. This is a perfect product for elderly people. Due to age people tend to lose control on their bodies. Their legs and hands start paining. Doctors advice them not to stand for a long time and hence if they buy this product they can sit and take a shower without a problem. The material used to make the seat is Rexine upholstery which is completely water proof. It is of a top quality and will not wear out with time. Due to its constant contact with the water the material will not be damaged. So if you have any doubts regarding the quality of the upholstery, give all your thoughts a rest and Shop online for KosmoCare Aluminum Shower Chair.

About The Brand

KosmoCare is a brand which has been producing quality products since a long time. If you buy a product from KosmoCare then be sure that you will not regret the purchase. It is a brand which promises durability. Their products last long.

Maintenance and Care

Taking care of the KosmoCare Aluminum Shower Chair is very easy. You just need to wipe the chair at regular intervals with a dry cloth. This will prevent dust from resting on the surface of the chair. It will also increase the longevity of the product. If you have tight budget, do not worry this product is affordable and will not pinch your pocket.

Key Features

Detachable footrest and armrest

Has Rexine upholstery

Width of the seat is 18 inches

The weight of the chair is 12 kilograms

Features: Kosmocare Aluminum Shower Chair

  • • Multiuse shower cum commode wheelchair
  • • Sturdy aluminium frame with rexine upholstery and detachable back rest
  • • Seat width: 18-inch Net weight: 12 kilograms
  • • Rear wheels lock for better stability.
  • Detachable armrest and footrest
Product Details
Manufacturer Foshan Dongfang Medical Equipment Manufactory (Ltd.)
Brand KosmoCare
Model Number RMR205
Theme Detachable armrest and footrest, Rexine upholstery, Seat width: 18-inch

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