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Kross K 10 26" Multi Speed Bike*

Kross K 10 26" Multi Speed Bike*

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Overview: Kross K 10 26" Multi Speed Bike*

If you are planning to go mountain biking or have registered your name in a cycling competition, then get the best and most comfortable biking experience with this meticulously designed multi speed bike from Kross. The speciality of this speed bike is that it has an exclusive design which redefines your concept of speed bikes all types of roads.

Material and Design

Till date Kross has designed a number of bi cycles for their customers. This time they have come up with this speed bike to add more fun to your bike riding experience. This bike features 18 speed Shimano gears which helps the user to adjust the speed of this bike as per his requirements. This will also help to get a sudden change of speed while racing. Along with this, this speed bike comes with semi raised handles. These handles have been designed from aluminium alloy rims. It helps the user to grip it comfortably. Along with this, it helps to control the movement of the cycle accordingly. This smart combination of aluminium alloy offers a sporty look to this bike.

For a safe and comfortable biking experience, this multi speed bike has a special suspension fork. It helps the user to ride and access the bike easily and safely. Along with this, the presence of anti-skid pedals eliminates the chance of accidents and slip of the foot while riding on high speed. This moulded pedals ensures that they do not break or get damaged easily while it needs to take an extra pressure while the bike is on the go. This bicycle comes with a triple chain wheel which enhances the speed of it while it is in use for any cycling competition.

Installation and other features

The bicycle comes in a knocked down form which facilitates the user to ride it comfortably. At the same time the trendy design of this bike makes the biker to look stylish. The designers of this bi-cycle have designed this product in such a way which helps the user to install the partial parts quite easily. The box contains additional nuts and bolts which are required to do a complete installation of this bi-cycle. This lightweight bike package contains a V brake alloy lever and friction free cable casings, which come together to deliver high performance and safety at the same time. The highly advanced design of this black and white bicycle enables the user to experience a safe and smooth ride on any road and mountain track. To get this high quality speed bike to enhance your bike riding experience, buy Kross multi speed bike online.

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Brand Kross

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