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Hero Kross 26T K40 Multi Speed Bicycle

Hero Kross 26T K40 Multi Speed Bicycle

Model Number 26T K40
Colour Multicolour
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Overview: Hero Kross 26t K40 Multi Speed Bicycle

This Hero Kross 26T K40 Multispeed Bicycle is brought to you by the Brand - Kross - which is a renowned bicycle producer across the globe and was established in the year 1990. It has been giving a tough competition to its competitors in the market in all types of bicycles. They have focused themselves in manufacturing all range of bicycles like for city ride, mountain ride, trekking purpose, for children and for rough and smooth roads. They have maintained a superior quality for long which in turn helped them getting number of customers and buyers. Their constant efforts of producing variety of bicycles has brought them a million number of fans and edge in the bicycle market.

Hero Kross 26T K40 Multispeed bicycle is one of their latest creation at a very reasonable pocket money price. Three major features are included in the Handle, Breaks and Rims and this multispeed bicycle has been categorized under sports bicycles. The handle is semi raised for performance riding with soft and easy grips. The breaks are made of V Brake Alloy Lever and its friction-free cable casings are designed for effective braking. The rims are designed with aluminum alloy rims for lighter weight and performance riding. The bicycle is multicolored and is semi assembled. Hence, proper assembling will be required at the time of purchase.

The bicycle has been designed for both sporty and casual rides for kids, teenagers and adults. The cycle fork has been made up of suspension which helps the rider to steer and balance the bicycle and also holds the front wheel. The cycle is available with 18 shimano speed gears for speed enhancement on every change. Lower numbers are the low gears and higher one the high. For example the first gear is very low and the eighteenth gear is very high and catches impressive speed, especially for races. The shifting is very smooth in this bicycle with easy functioning of both down shifting and up shifting. The crank set which is a component of bicycle drive train converting reciprocating motion of the rider's leg into rotational one has a triple chain wheel of 42*34*24 in this particular ride. The tire has been designed with 26*1.95 cobra patter for better performance and easy grip.

The pedals are made up of moduled anti-skid body with a reflectiorised look. This bicycle is light weighted, durable and versatile. A bicycle with all good features may be least available at a worth buying price in the market. brings this to you with high quality assurance and satisfaction. Do not waste time in thinking again and again to purchase. Make your decision and grab it before it becomes out of stock. Its increasing demand is leading us to supply it within the time frame promised to the buyers. The product is quite suitable for city rides and mountain treks or for casual rides on the roads. This can be gifted to someone who needs it or for self or in bulk for schools and clubs. Happy Buying !!

Features: Hero Kross 26t K40 Multi Speed Bicycle

  • Brand: Kross
  • Sport: Cycling
  • Handle: Semi raised handle for performance riding with soft grips
  • Breaks: V brake alloy lever & friction-free cable casings for effective braking
  • Rims: Aluminium alloy rims for lighter weight and performance riding
Product Details
Brand Kross
Model Number 26T K40
Colour Multicolour
Technical Specification
Assembly Required Yes

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