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LED 15Wats 15 Watt LED Bulb(Warm White/Golden Yellow)

LED 15Wats 15 Watt LED Bulb(Warm White/Golden Yellow)

Brand LED 15WATS
Model Number Swanky-15W
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Product Description

Ever since the dawn of humanity, candles, lanterns and moonlight were the only sources that provided illumination to the world around us. It is in the first half of the 19th century that gas lighting developed and then flourished. Unfortunately or otherwise, gas lighting produced a sort of flickering light which led to the burning down of theatres and a number of homes worldwide. Electric arc lighting was then invented in the year 1809 and resulted in being a much safer source of light but was far too bright to be used in a small space. Thus a smaller light was required and it was in the year of 1880 when Thomas Edison came into the scene and was responsible for introducing the first commercial incandescent light bulb that has become so renowned and popular today that households and almost all spaces that contain living beings cannot function normally without it. The principle of the light bulb was to pass an electric current via a filament that was powerful enough to allow it to glow without combusting. Light bulbs since then have gone through various modifications following the principles of Thomas Edison and have gained immense popularity in the market, upon which people depend to survive. If you are searching for ways to brighten up your home or work place then buy the Cospo LED Bulb LED015w Warm White online.

Product Features:

An LED bulb is a light-emitting diode (LED) product that has been assembled into a lamp or is commonly known as a light bulb that is used in lighting fixtures. LED bulbs have a lifespan as well as an electrical efficiency which is many times better than that of incandescent lamps, and are even better than most of the fluorescent lamps. They contain some chips that are able to emit more than even 100 lumens per watt. LED lights come to full brightness without needing any kind of warm-up time. Often, some LED bulbs are made in such a way to be directly seen as a replacement to incandescent as well as fluorescent lamps. LED chips of the bulb need to be controlled through direct current (DC) electrical power and an appropriate circuit is needed to convert an alternating current from the supply to that of the regulated low voltage direct current that is used by these LED lights. LED lights are affected by a high range of temperature because of which these bulbs typically include some sort of heat dissipation elements that include cooling fins and heat sinks. This Cospo LED Bulb LED015w Warm White is the ideal LED bulb for you if you wish to enhance the lighting in your home or work place. Compact and neat in appearance, this bulb weighs 7.2 ounces and emits a warm white colour that is sure to brighten up your indoor surroundings by several notches and to give you a well lit home or work place. It requires a power supply of AC 120 voltage. This 15 Watt bulb is the perfect option for you if you wish to give your home or workplace a brightly lit atmosphere. The bright light would help you read with utmost ease, finish your office, college or school work without having to look for a brighter source of light. The bulb is perfect for those who carry back work and wish to complete it in the comfort of their homes under proper lighting. Proper lighting is essential as it not only brightens up your home but also helps in maintaining good eyesight as you do not have to strain to because of a dim light, which could be the cause of people suffering from bad eyesight. Therefore, along with brightening up your surroundings, this 15 watt bulb will also ensure that you lead a healthy lifestyle with good eyesight to help you through the years.

Key Highlights:

Brand: Cospo

Power: 15 Watts LED

Features dimming capacity

For indoor use only

If you wish to help brighten the atmosphere around and keep your home glowing brightly then shop for Cospo LED Bulb LED015w Warm White online.

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number 2Y-D1FO-USGC
Brand LED 15WATS
Model Number Swanky-15W
Colour Name Warm White/Golden Yellow
Wattage 15 Watts
Item Package Quantity 100
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 18 cm x 5.5 cm x 2.9 cm

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