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LG F1480YD25 Washer & Dryer-Grey

LG F1480YD25 Washer & Dryer-Grey

Brand LG
Model Number F1480yd25
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Overview: LG F1480YD25 Washer & Dryer-Grey

Tired of washing that daily load of laundry? Not happy with the kind of wash your machine gives you right now? Is your machine not getting rid of those yellow stains? Look no further as LG frontload washer and dryer is here to provide a simple solution to your daily troubles. Equipped with the 6 motion direct drive technology it will care for your clothes like no other. It mimics the motions of hand washing to give you the best possible wash in the gentlest of ways.

The machine comes with a capacity of 8 kg or 6kg, enough to take that daily load off your shoulders. The 6 motion technology mimics six different types of motions including scrubbing, swinging, rolling, stepping, tumbling and filtration and used them in varied combinations to give you cleaner, less tangled clothes than any normal wash. Not sure what washing program to use. Just use the fuzzy logic control and it will automatically sense the load of the laundry to give you the optimum washing time and water requirements. It comes with the revolutionary direct drive system to make zero noise and make sure you are not disturbed while you do all your other work.

The brushless DC motor is most advanced and drives the drum without the use of a belt and pulley to give you a perfect wash with least noise possible. Now no need to spend so much time ironing your clothes. The drum rotates in alternate fashion making sure the clothes that you put in do not get entangled thus minimizing the creg and decreg your work load in the after care of clothes.

Get to choose from 5 spin speed options to choose from. It also features an effective child lock system to prevent your tiny tots from changing any settings by pressing buttons while in operation. No need to keep a look out every single time you watch clothes; just get all your other work done and leave the laundry to LG frontload washer dryer. Its smart built in heater automatically heats the water to an optimum level for the selected wash cycles to give your clothes a smarter and cleaner look. Now that's what we call intelligent washing.

The dryer is the perfect way to get your clothes all dry and smelling great. No need to spend time waiting for your clothes to dry in the sun when LG frontload can do the same in matter of a few minutes. In a hurry? Don't have time to go through the whole washing cycle or need that shirt washed on an urgent basis? Just use the quick 30 option and get your clothes crisp clean and dry in just 30 minutes. Available in a luxurious silver colour, it is just the perfect washing machine to have in your home.

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Features: LG F1480YD25 Washer & Dryer-Grey

  • Capacity : 8 kg
  • Automatic
  • Front Loading
Product Details
Manufacturer LG
Brand LG
Model Number F1480yd25
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 64 cm x 60 cm x 85 cm

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  1.  Excellent Washer & Dryer from LG 7 June, 2013 On
    We are using this product for almost 8 months now and I strongly recommend this washer + Dryer. This washing machine can handle very good load of up to 8KG for washing and upto 6KG for drying. It takes good amont of time when you select washing + full dry option (upto 4 + hours). This machine is very silent and you dont even notice that the machine is running during its operation, the motor does not make any noise. Even during drying the noise is less. One thing to note about is that other than the 'Quick 30' washing option, every other option takes more than almost an hour for washing + drying, so its little high on the electricity bill. The Quick 30 options completes its washing & drying with in 30 mins and is very good for day to day washing. Overall I am very impressed with the quality of this product and highly recommend.
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