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LG-GC-M237AGNN 679 Ltrs Refrigerator

LG-GC-M237AGNN 679 Ltrs Refrigerator

Brand LG
Model Number GC M237AGNN
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Overview: LG-GC-M237AGNN 679 Ltrs Refrigerator

One night, your sleep gets interrupted by a spooky noise coming from your kitchen, as you quiver with fear and tremble slowly, a thousand ideas run through your mind, "is it a thief?" "is it a ghost?" But when you finally reach the kitchen filled with sweat and shivering, you realize that the 'ghost' is nothing but your age-old refrigerator's compressor running like an old steam train! Yes, it is time to say goodbye to your older model and welcome the new LG-GC-M237AGNN-679 Litres-Frost Free Refrigerator!

First of all, be prepared to enjoy a quiet night of sleep without having to worry about 'ghosts' disturbing you with 'their spooky noises' as this appliance comes with a quiet and efficient compressor. It makes minimum noise and consumes very little amount of energy. It has the capacity to store around six hundred and seventy nine litres, so you don't have to worry about space management anymore. It has two doors and is frost free in nature. In case you have any children who are naughty enough to sneak quietly into the kitchen and flick a chocolate bar; you can outsmart them as this refrigerator comes with a child-lock system that locks the fridge and sounds off an alarm in case anyone tries to open it without disabling the child-lock system. Throw away your fear of food rotting as this appliance comes with a stunning Health Guard mechanism that circulates the air from the vents and leads to balanced cooling of every corner of the refrigerator and thereby, keeps your food fresh. The Wonder Door feature offers you a whole new world of refrigerating space with its push button mechanism. This new feature saves up to sixteen percent of energy as you do not have to open the main door for removing frequently consumed food items. The four shelves present in the refrigerator are made of tempered glass, so they can take the load of heavy objects such as pots, utensils, and pans. In case you are worried that storing warm food in the fridge will affect the temperature inside the fridge, then rest assured that this wont happen as it includes a digital sensor that regulates the temperature inside the product.

If you have guests coming over in an hour, and you are left with luke-warm beverages, you can store them in the LG-GC-M237AGNN-679 Litres-Frost Free Refrigerator as its Auto Ice Maker feature allows you to get your foodstuffs and beverages frozen in a jiffy! It also comes with a unique snack corner that you can use to store munchies. Other interesting features present in the refrigerator include a dairy corner that allows you to store milk products, an Express Freezing option and an Exterior LED Display screen. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, enjoy the benefits of the brand new LG-GC-M237AGNN-679 Litres-Frost Free Refrigerator as it is available for purchase online.

Features: LG-GC-M237AGNN 679 Ltrs Refrigerator

  • Double Door
  • 679 l
  • 401 l & above
Product Details
Manufacturer LG
Brand LG
Model Number GC M237AGNN
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 77.5 cm x 91.2 cm x 179 cm

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