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LG 310L 4 Star GL D322RPJL Double Door Refrigerator-Silk Gardenia

LG 310L 4 Star GL D322RPJL Double Door Refrigerator-Silk Gardenia

Brand LG
Model Number GL D322RPJL
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Overview: LG 310L 4 Star GL D322RPJL Double Door Refrigerator-Silk Gardenia

Product Description

Refrigerator has become a necessity this century. The new 'LG 310L 4 Star GL D322RPJL Double Door Refrigerator-Silk Gardenia' is a striking new launch that satisfy very refrigeration need of your kitchen. This distinguished double door refrigerator comes with a classy design outside and un-compromised interior. The 310 litre capacity refrigerator makes it stand ahead in terms of price when compared to other models. The toughened glass shelves, frost free defrosting are the special features of this product. Its low energy consumption compared other refrigerators is very low thus it's given a 4 star energy rating. Micom temperature control technology regulates the temperature inside the refrigerator according to the weather conditions.

The outer shell of the refrigerator comes with a glossy enhanced look with floral design. Multiple colour options make it quite attractive. Enhanced temperature controls allow you to store fruits, vegetables for elongated period. The freezer zone comes with innovative frost free technology. The double door system makes it easy to store all kinds of items at their required temperature. Separate temperature controls for both the doors makes it smart refrigerator. Ingenious Power cooling technology allows quick and required refrigeration as you desire. This product is specially designed for household need. The pretty design perfectly fits any corner of the home.


LG designed this refrigerator specifically for refrigerating every type of item. The frost free Refrigerator comes with an ice-tray and separate storage spaces for storage of meat, Ice cream and other frozen products. The regular] space is designed to hold different items at different levels. The aluminium trays which are light in weight can carry more weight. Vegetable tray and other transparent doors and boxes are made of tough plastic. This refrigerator has separate temperature controls for both the doors. This allows perfect cooling. The dual lock system provided allows locking both the doors at same time. The interiors of doors are designed to hold not just bottles but many other small items. A separate egg tray and cosmetic holder allow storing fragile things at place. This is a stabilizer free refrigerator making it usable during voltage fluctuations.


Made it as stand free model, this can be mounted directly on the floor. The three plug socket which takes a 240 volt input should be used to plug this refrigerator. You can easily adjust the temperature inside using the rotating dial that allows you to fix the temperature. Vegetable tray contains a small adjustment allowing you to adjust the cooling and humidity inside the box. Hot items should not be placed inside It affects the cooling system. It should be placed allowing more ventilation at the back. The frost free zone freeze anything that is kept inside therefore not placing everything is recommended.


Periodic cleaning of trays is suggested. One should make sure that the ice formed in the ice trays are cleaned regularly for every few days if the Ice is not used. The vegetable box should be removed from inside while filling. Placing hot things inside should be avoided completely only things at room temperature should be kept inside. Meat should be placed inside the allotted box inside freezer to avoid stinking.

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Features: LG 310L 4 Star GL D322RPJL Double Door Refrigerator-Silk Gardenia

  • 310L
  • Double Door
  • 4 Star
  • Frost Free
Product Details
Manufacturer LG
Brand LG
Model Number GL D322RPJL
Colour Name Silk gardenia
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded_Electric

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