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Google Nexus 4 (Black)

Google Nexus 4 (Black)

Condition and History
Physical Condition No Defects
Bought When? 12+ months
Warranty Details Manufacturer
Accessories Included Original Bill,Case/Cover,Screen Protector,Original Packing,Charger,Data Cable
Product Specifications
Brand LG
Model Google Nexus 4
Operating System Android
Internal Memory 16.0 GB
Color Black
Display Size 4.7 inches
Primary Camera Resolution 8.0 megapixels
SIM Type Smartphone
Cash on Delivery eligible
Dispatched within 1 day
Delivered only in Bangalore
Not yet rated

Customer Reviews on Google Nexus 4 Mobile Phone

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Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Reviews
  1. 7 of 7 people found this review helpful
     Awesome phone by google 27 November, 2013 On
    This phone is just awesome, with all the features built in... screen is little bit dull if compared to samsung but didn't matter me as i just loved the performance...yes nexus 5 is in market with all advanced features but under 25k this phone is the best
    if i would rate out of 5 in all category then

    Gaming 5 out of 5
    Camera 4 out of 5
    Batery backup 4 out of 5
    performance 5 out of 5
    signal/network capture 5 out of 5(i user to have network inside lift while others searching for the same network which i am using)

    overall if you are looking for a mobile under 25k then just go with it

    else go for nexus 5 which will be available in market very soon
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  2. 4 of 4 people found this review helpful
     Smartest of the smart phones! 9 July, 2013 On

    1. Awesome battery life - There is still some juice left when I go to bed after extensively using it throughout the day with 3G on.
    2. Build Quality - Feels good in the hand. Does not feel plasticy
    3. Display - Pixel loaded screen, images come alive, very good resolution.
    4. Android - Pure android experience, without any additional layer like touchwiz etc
    5. Call quality and reception - Very good compared to my my previous Galaxy S2
    6. Price! - Found a better price on!


    1. Some features like call blocking missing. But you can get an app for almost anything.
    2. Meeting reminders were better on 4.1 on Galaxy S2
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  3. 2 of 2 people found this review helpful
     Good but Not the best 19 November, 2013 On
    Why only 3 starts for Google's own best phone.
    1. No indian langauge support except hindi, I rate samsung 5 stars for this feature
    2. Camera is just ok, we expect great camera at the price it is sold
    3. Navigation is not that easy, to achieve desired settings you have to click 3 times, while in micromax phones, that is 2 clicks operation
    4. FB sync stopped officially since android 4.0, worst thing to happen as i never stored contacts due to sync feature in android 2.3
    5. keyboard, or upper navigation is not convenient for single hand operation, that could be because of it's tall size or inconvenient settings, I personally prefer phones with one hand operational capability.

    This phone never hangs like Samsung, I loved this feature.
    Google's new feature Google Now is just wonderful, it auto tracks your commute, location and a lot more things.
    Google maps work best with this phone, excellent GPS reception capability.
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  4. 8 of 9 people found this review helpful
     Android at its best 24 September, 2013 On
    The Google Nexus 4 is an amazing product. I thought that my love affair with Android phones had ended with my previous phone, the Sony Xperia U, but the Nexus made sure that I redesign my line of thought. I want to tell the customers upfront that I do not own the phone, but have used it for a considerable amount of time (read >1 week), which makes me qualified at some level to review it.

    Android is beautiful, crisp, clean and efficient. There was no denying that. Being an Apple fan boy for as long as I remember, it was hard for me to see Google make huge strides in mobile software, while Apple continued to stroll at it’s own leisurely pace. As much as I hated Android overtaking iOS, I couldn’t deny that it was a well-deserved victory. Android is surely the best mobile OS in the market. At least for now. But hey, I was supposed to be reviewing the Nexus. Why I am talking about Android then.

    The answer is because, for a smartphone to be genuinely efficient and powerful on all fronts, its hardware needs to be perfectly aligned with its software. That is why Apple dominated the market for so many years. By designing their own hardware and software, Apple made sure they knew the nitty-gritties of their products and were therefore successful in optimizing product performance. Their product specs might be on the lower side, but performance wise they are amazing. Now while building the Nexus, Google had a larger say in the hardware department. Not that they built it themselves, but it was more custom tuned to utilize Android’s maximum potential. And the results were truly outstanding.

    The Nexus is a true beast when it comes to performance. The technical specifications read something like this- a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, which clocks in at 1.5 GHz, a huge 2 Gigs of RAM, aided by Google’s Jelly Bean operating system with Project Butter incorporated. Now if that isn’t amazingly impressive, I don’t know what is. All these features ensure the pone doesn’t lag. Ever. At least in my experience. I tried to “torture” the software by making it multi-task, use graphic and memory intensive Apps/Games. The result was the same, all the time. I was disappointed that I couldn’t overpower the mighty phone, but I was just awe-struck at its jaw dropping performance.

    I knew then, that here was a true iPhone killer. Not those lame ad-centric S3s and Notes from Samsung, which are loaded purely on size, gimmicky features with no element of class whatsoever in them. My major complaint about those phones is just how weird and lame they look. Keep in mind; I am an Apple fan boy. Design and aesthetics mean a lot to me. The thing that I loved the most about the Nexus was how classy it looked without compromising on performance.

    Lets talk about a few more things then. The phone has a pixel density of 318ppi. That’s close to Apple’s Retina Display, and frankly there is no noticeable difference between the two. It’s a gorgeously beautiful display and I had no qualms with its screen quality. Also its Gorilla glass as expected, so worries about the screen toughness. Battery was splendid too and I could easily go through an entire day without having to charge it. That certainly was a relief for me, as my previous phone required me to charge it 2 times on an average, and sometimes even 3 times in a day. Luckily the Nexus was a power behemoth of sorts. Data connectivity was superb too. Web pages opened up quickly and everything about it felt so fast and fluid, that for a while I forgot I was accessing the Internet on a smartphone.

    Coming to the camera aspect, it was a pleasant surprise. The phone’s 8MP camera takes amazing shots, with amazing clarity and even video recording is a delight. Won’t talk more about this, since I am not really into photography. All I will say is that the Nexus didn’t disappoint me even one bit.

    The phone has some gimmicky features as well. For instance, the Google Now is one such feature, along with the Android Beam. Quite frankly, I don’t judge a phone based on such ooh-aahs, but they do add a X-factor to the phone. They were impressive for sure, but I just didn’t care. I like to use my phone the normal way and these features were certainly not meant for me. They were just a fancy.

    So my final words on this phone. If you are planning to get an Android smartphone, you should definitely go for this. I will certainly recommend it to everybody. If you don’t want Android, buy this anyway, because this phone will seriously change your Android experience. It challenges the way we look and use phones with the most power efficient OS laced with a graphic UI. That is something definitely worth shelling out some money for.
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  5. 6 of 7 people found this review helpful
     The best smartphone 12 June, 2013 On
    Its been a month since I have been using this phone, trust me it is the best phone I have used after using blackberry and Samsung Note 1. The best points are the latest software, touch screen, built quality( if you compare it with samsung), size of the phone, good battery backup, fast processor, 2 GB ram and light weight . I don't think you will get all the comparisons anywhere.
    Cons- yes like every phone it has some drawbacks but it depends on you 1)-you cannot remove the battery-trust me the backup and the brand it is, you don't need extra battery.2)- memory cannot be extended- for me 16GB space is enough as with google I have everything accessible online, wherever I am.

    Rest I give it a 5 star.
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  6. 6 of 7 people found this review helpful
     Awesome phone- great speed and feel great to use it !! 26 April, 2013 On
    Bought this phone with the help of a friend , can't stop ogling at it. The browser is great, feature google now has improved a lot. The phone is really fast - quad core helps. Had a htc z before this which now feels like decades old. Andriod 4.2.2 gives great GUI. I use it mostly to read my mails and maps.
    The cards with weather, maps and important locations are really cool. Would recommend to to everyone.

    Couple of pain areas are :
    -No Radio.. not sure how many people use it.. but still it is needed
    -No headphones provided with mobile , comes only with a charger
    -16GB is too less.. there should be an option to increase the memory..!!

    But overall great phone to use
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  7. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     Another Awesome Nexus Smartphone 28 March, 2014 On
    It is a very good phone you dont have to worry about any type of quality mismatch. This really looks very good.
    lets talk about the advantages of this phone.

    1. The Price is very low according to the product features.
    2. It runs on android 4.2 so all apps are compatible with this device.
    3. It's Screen is flowlessly Awesome.
    4. Gaming Is very nice on this phone.
    5. Good Battery Backup.'

    Lets Talk about the problems with it, i have found less problems with this device.

    1. The camera of this smartphone can be improved.
    2. Has just only 5 homescreens.
    3. It's memory is not expandable.

    Now it's over to you that what are you going to do is to.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  8. 5 of 6 people found this review helpful
     Awesome performance but not without a few glitches 2 April, 2013 On
    I have been using this phone for almost 3 months now and the experience has been amazing. Unmatched hardware specs for this price range and superbly fast software update directly from Google. Great value for money phone for the Indian market where 4G is not available yet.

    Awesome performance even with multiple applications (more than 20) running as the same time. Battery life is good (little more than a day) and look and feel of the phone is also great.

    The only downside being the degraded signal reception compared to some of its competitors. The signal strength is generally a little lower than other phones besides it. There might be a few software bugs in the latest Android updates which would be fixed subsequently.

    I would highly recommend this to everyone who is looking for a reasonably high-end phone :)
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  9. 19 of 23 people found this review helpful
     Shocking phone with a shocking price tag. Love it 2 April, 2013 On
    Google hasn't launched Nexus 4 in India yet, and I had to get it from US. I have moved to Android from Windows Phone 7 recently, so its a new world to me.

    You can get addicted to this phone. Pure android experience is amazing and gives you the feeling of something unique in your hands.

    Hardware packs a punch with Quad core processor, a GPU and 2GB RAM. This is the hardware that you get in the likes of Samsung Note 2 (~35K Rupees)

    Phone design is classy, clean and back panel catches eyes too.

    Display is great too, Responsiveness is amazing as well.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  10.  It has become my life companion 11 February, 2014 On
    I bought it along with a nexus 7 2013 edition. Both of these provide an amazing experience of android interface. I have to mention that it looks splendid. It's indeed a beauty at creation. Every time I turn my phone on it always asks for some update approval, be it OS related or be it app. I have already upgraded it to Kitkat 4.4.2 , which is the latest OS till date. The apps I install are also frequently updated every day or so. The camera is good but not better than Galaxy S3. And yes it hardly lags, every app/game runs smooth without any trouble. Though sometimes application stops working, which becomes annoying at times. Battery lasts quite long and does well for a day or two. It was launched quite before but still is capable to run almost anything with it's hardware.

    * Instant Updates.
    * Good Build quality with good design.
    * Fair battery.
    * Amazing screen resolution(318 pixel per inch)
    * good OEMs like Adreno320 and Krait make it quite fast
    * Quite Bright Display with good colours.

    * Camera good but not the best at 8MP
    * Sometimes application stops working
    * No radio included. You have to buy your own headphones too as it is also not included within box.

    It is a definite buy if budget is not a bounding factor. I myself struggled to convince my parents to buy me this phone. I also did a lot of research and found good reviews about it but yes convincing took time.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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  1.  Owned it for 1.5 years ..!!
    Had a Nexus 4 8gb version until recently before when it got stolen.. :-( .
    Was 'The Best' Android phone at that time.. Lag free user exp. , unlimited customisability of the pure android OS, instant OTA updates and, great processing and display capabilities coupled with its good looks made it an Read more
    Published 1 year ago by Shashank Gabbita On
  2.  Awesome phone
    Earlier I was planning to buy samsung galaxy grand 2 but now I am really happy that I got this phone with better specifications and better price.
    Thanks junglee.con
    Published 1 year ago by Shekhani Vasim On
  3.  mast
    Very smooth operation smart looking phone. Hanging problems is zero.very slim looking reliable brand very appreciated. Camera quality is very best Published 1 year ago by KAMLESH KUMAR KHANDELWAL On
  4.  Great features, value for money
    its been a great phone, never went down or had any issues. Value for money.
    You will be the 1st to receive all the updates.
    Published 2 years ago by Pramod On
  5.  awrsome
    Coolest phone ever to exist man according to me it beats i phone in every possible way if u r thinking of getting it dont step back , go for it n believe u r not gonna regret about this gor sure coz i dont think so ,i know so (peace) Published 2 years ago by nishan On
  6.  A great handset for those who want Android in its purest form.
    Looks great!
    turns on/off very quickly.
    Great camera
    smoothly runs multiple functions at once
    Bad Points−
    the volume button's are opposite the power button so i kept locking my phone at first instead of altering the volume.
    As this is a new phone there aren't many options Read more
    Published 2 years ago by kunal On
  7.  Awesome
    Hi this is Vaibhav, here I wanna share my experience of Google nexus, after an long tym I have to decide that I going to change my cellphone but I m just confuse in decide out of several cellphones, so one at time of Internet surfing i just click on a link of jungle. Com and there I have found Google Read more Published 2 years ago by Vaibhav On
  8.  Nice Phone !
    This phone from Google is great, with all the needed features . Its simply a superb phone with excellent features in it. Its truly worth the spend as its simply amazing. You would not have any issues with the software of this phone, the phone would not hang when you need it the most. Published 2 years ago by A-R On
  9.  Another Awesome Nexus Smartphone
    It is a very good phone you dont have to worry about any type of quality mismatch. This really looks very good.
    lets talk about the advantages of this phone.

    1. The Price is very low according to the product features.
    2. It runs on android 4.2 so all apps are compatible with this Read more
    Published 2 years ago by tapesh On
  10.  Performance and Camera is a delight
    I will bore you with again repeating its features, you can very well view the features of this phone in any other site; rather what i am going to tell you is about what are the good and bad things in this mobile.
    Initially when I laid my hands on this set I was quite impressed with the performance. Read more
    Published 2 years ago by Supratim Modak On