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LG Expo Pico Mobile DLP Projector SMP-100 for GW820

LG Expo Pico Mobile DLP Projector SMP-100 for GW820

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Product Description

Make your presentation task a different and excellent one with this exclusively designed LG mobile projector. Till date, users have only seen one breed of mobile phones by LG, that served only one purpose, now with this projector they will get a new idea of using the mobile for a different purpose.  After the arrival of this DLP projector, the user need not carry his heavy laptop while stepping out  for any outdoor presentation. Simply by connecting his LG mobile, the user will be able to switch for a better presentation experience.

LG, the manufacturing brand of this projector, has designed a wide range of premium quality electronic products for their customers. This time, they are back with this exceptionally designed mobile projector to make the presentation task a unique one. If you are looking for a premium quality product to enhance the quality of the presentation without carrying their laptop or other electronic devices.

Material and design

This projector is compatible with LG Expo GW820 phone. This projector has been designed from half-VGA (480-by-320) DLP chip. The smart combination of the grey top with black panels makes this projector a must have. The designers from LG have included a carrying case with this projector, which helps the user to carry this device easily and this also protects the device from various external damages.

Instruction for use

This projector is easy to install. When the user needs to use this projector, he needs to remove the battery cover from the back of the phone, and place the projector into place. The projector lens  places along one of the long edges of the 4.5- by 2.2-inch of the phone. The smart design of the projector ensures that the user can use it with any vertical object as your screen, the projector is designed to work with the phone's screen that faces the landscape mode.

To turn on this high quality DLP projector, you need to  slide the lens cover from its place. While you do this task, the phone notifies with a message on its plastic resistive touch screen. Slide the touch screen control that's part of that message and the projector turns on. Once you turn on the projector it will display the presentation or images which you want to display. The projector will keep on working until it is turned off.

Special features

Two steps are to be followed to turn on the projector. First, they will ensure that if you somehow accidentally slide the lens cover open it will not affect the battery power.

This high quality projector has been designed in such way which will help the user to get a clear and smart display of JPEG and other presentation files. The projector can directly play them from the micro SD card.

The LG Mobile Projector's shortcomings are far less important than the fact that by adding it to the Expo GW820 you get something that no other phone can offer as yet-a projector that's part of the phone. This device offers excellent image quality and it is quite useful. The combination of quality and reasonable price makes this device a must have for your presentation work. This tiny and exclusively designed projector  is cheaper, lighter, and occupies much less space.

How to maintain

If you want to protect the device from various external damages, then you need to keep this projector in the right bag and need to make sure that you will detach the projector from the mobile phone. To remove dust and stains from the upper surface of this projector, you need to wipe it with a dry cotton cloth. If you want to get this high quality projector for your presentation work, buy LG Expo Pico mobile projector online.

Key features

This projector features a tiny body

The device is compatible with the LG GW820

This projector will occupy a nominal place

Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 140.6 grams

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