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LG P9561R3F Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (8.5 Kg, Royal Grey)

LG P9561R3F Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (8.5 Kg, Royal Grey)

Brand LG
Model Number P9561R3F
Colour Royal Grey
Capacity 8.5 Kilograms
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About LG P9561R3F (RG)

LG is one of the most trusted home appliance brands and has consistently given technologically advanced products that are smooth in functionality. LG P9561R3F (RG) is a washing machine that promises efficient performance and durability. If you are planning to buy home appliances online then this cute looking washing machine from LG can be a good option for you. Compare prices offered by different sellers on LG P9561R3F (RG) washing machine on Junglee before you choose the deal best suited for your needs.

With a wash tub capacity of 8.5 kg this washing machine frees you from having to hold back heavier clothes for another wash cycle. The washing machine has rounded edges and lets you wash clothes in this machine easily. Its Roller Jet Pulsator technology gives your clothes a superior wash through its high friction mechanism, imitating the manual scrubbing very effectively. Further, it keeps the clothes from getting entangled within the tub, thus washing them thoroughly. The electromechanical control minimizes the need for maintenance, and also ensures that the wash cycle does not start from scratch after a power cut.

You can also take advantage of the three wash programs for different kinds of fabrics. The gentle wash option is ideal for delicate clothes, while garments made from tougher material can be better washed using the strong wash option. The inbuilt Lint Collector picks up all loose fibres which can sometimes cling to your clothes and prevent complete cleaning. The LG P9561R3F (RG) also has a collar cleaner and scrubber, saving you from having to separately scrub your shirts before washing. The dryer, equipped with an Air Dry option, lends clothes a natural dried feel.

Being a semi-automatic washing machine, this model does not need a continuous water connection, and therefore uses less water. Its wash cycle is also very efficient and is completed in lesser time as compared to other machines. The full plastic body, fitted with castor wheels, makes it extremely portable. When you check out home appliances online, visit Junglee, where you can also compare sellers according to their ratings and find the best deals for the product that you choose.

Buying Guide for Washing Machines

Buying a washing machine is not an easy task. Many people end up buying a model that they instantly like, only to realize later that it does not serve their purpose well. A washing machine, if used properly, can last for as long as 15-20 years. So, it is important that you buy the one that suits your requirements, as well as the growing needs of your family. Here’s a step by step guide to help you buy the best washing machine.

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Product Description

If you are looking for a washing machine with multiple wash programs and large wash capacity, the LG P9561R3F (RG) will fit the bill. With a wash tub capacity of 8.5 kg and spin tub capacity of 6.5 kg, this LG semi-automatic washing machine is perfect for every need and every budget. The wash motor requires 410 watts of power, while the spin motor requires 260 watts. The product has 880 mm x 530 mm x 1025 mm dimensions. This LG washing machine integrates advanced technology and features like roller jet pulsator that ensures clean clothes after every wash. If you are considering buying washing machine online, you must be checking out different washing machine models. While doing so, take a look at this LG P9561R3F and also compare its prices at to find out the best deals.

The LG P9561R3F (RG)generates more friction, which results in cleaner clothes

This machine integrates roller jet pulsator technology which creates a centrifugal force that acts throughout the entire bundle of clothes in the machine. As a result of this, the rollers generate more friction in the clothes, removing dirt and tough stains. This technology also ensures that the clothes don't get tangled with each other. There is also a collar scrubber which scrubs tougher areas like collars and makes them clean.

Multiple wash programs enable you wash different types of fabrics.

This LG washing machine is equipped with three wash programs, i.e. gentle, normal and strong, and this ensures that you can wash a wide range of fabrics in this machine, without causing damage to them. All you need to do is to select the right mode for a specific type of fabric. For example, you need to choose gentle for delicate materials like silk, normal for cotton, and strong for heavy-duty ones like denim. The washing machine is also equipped with electro mechanical control system which enhances the washing process and washes all your clothes more effectively.

Product Features

  • Installation: For requesting an installation/demo for this product once delivered, please call LG support directly on 1800-315-9999 and provide the product's model name. Installation charges may be levied by LG. Customers are requested to confirm directly with LG while requesting for a demo/installation.
  • Semi-automatic top-loading washing machine; 8.5 kg capacity
  • Features: Electro mechanical control system, roller jet pulsator, lint collector and collar cleaner
  • Other Features: Water level selector, spin window, hot or cold water inlet, anti viberation rubber and rust free plastic base
Product Details
Manufacturer LG
Brand LG
Model Number P9561R3F
Colour Royal Grey
Item Package Quantity 1
Capacity 8.5 Kilograms
Warranty 2 Years
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded-Electric
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 53 cm x 88 cm x 102.5 cm

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