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L'Oreal White Moisturising Fluid for Men

L'Oreal White Moisturising Fluid for Men

Target Gender Male
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Overview: L'oreal White Moisturising Fluid For Men

With age, the skin becomes susceptible to various problems like sagging and darkening, losing its youthful sheen. This is especially true in a tropical climate, as the UV rays of the sun can darken skin further unless it is properly protected. The White Activ Moisturising Fluid from L'Oreal's Men Expert range is, among other things, an effective anti-ageing cream that helps you counter such ill effects and look more youthful. L'Oreal is the largest cosmetics company in the world, and products in its Men Expert range are specially formulated for men's skin which is rougher and thicker, and thus need a different level of care.

Powerful Ingredients for skin nourishment

This product from L'Oreal contains Vitamin C, which strengthens the skin and helps it repair itself faster. Vitamin C also offers some protection against sunburn and slows down damage to collagen, thereby preventing wrinkles and skin dryness. The other major ingredient is MelanoBlock - a patented ingredient that regulates the production of skin-darkening melanin in your body, leading to lighter skin.

Complete whitening action provides all-round benefits

In addition to being an effective anti-wrinkle cream, the L'Oreal Men Expert White Activ Moisturising Fluid also features a 360 degree whitening action that protects and rejuvenates your face in multiple ways. So while SPF 20 PA+++ means you are well protected from both UVA rays (that cause long-term skin damage) as well as UVB rays (that cause sunburn), thereby preventing further skin darkening, the global whitening action gets to work removing existing dark spots and improving skin fairness. Additionally, the White Activ Moisturising Fluid improves your skin's natural resistance against damage so that you are protected 24/7.

Comfortable and fast-acting

The unique formula of the White Activ moisturiser keeps your skin feeling fresh and clean. It is neither greasy nor sticky, and penetrates into your skin in a matter of minutes - hydrating and protecting it from within for as much as 24 hours at a time. Use it regularly and you will notice your skin becoming fairer in a matter of weeks. Apply it after your morning shave and it will soothe razor burn as well.
Product Details
Manufacturer L'Oreal
Brand L'Oreal
Target Gender Male

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  1.  Search ends here 25 April, 2013 On
    After the experience of finding a few products that were not available over the counter on the site, I put an end to my repeated visits to Bangalore Central to pick this up and waste Rs.50/- on parking every single time and returning disappointed. I would actually bought one more of this considering the amount I spent on parking. My brother is a loyal user & a die hard fan of this product. I have just ordered mine and am eager to receive it.
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