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Product Description

Lungs by Florence and the Machine is a music CD featuring various tracks with indie tunes. Florence and the Machine music CD is a well known and critically acclaimed indie band. With this album, the group has presented a medley of songs with different moods and tones. The album will appeal to diehard Florence and the Machine fans as well as to the people who have just started listening to the band. It is the debut album of the band and indicates the bright future for the band ahead.

Contemporary MusicLungs by Florence and the Machine music CD is the first album released by the band. It won rave reviews and accolades. The album is both a commercial as well as critical success. It has sold more than three million copies globally, making it five items platinum album. The album has several tracks including Kiss with a Fist and Dog Days are Over. The music featured in this album is mature and intense. The lyrics of the songs are also above par, with deep meanings attached to them. Its lead singer has strong voice, which is able to convey the meaning of the songs. It also gives an authoritative mood to the album. The album is versatile and will appeal to people with varied tastes.

Deep Experience Lungs by Florence and the Machine music CD is an exquisite album, which features strong vocals, haunting lyrics and enchanting music. The music of the album and the lyrics are in perfect harmony. Various tracks featured in the album are also in consonance with each other. There is a smooth flow in the album and the songs are in smooth progression to add to your listening experience. The album debuted at number two on the UK Albums chart and spent 28 consecutive weeks in the top forty slot. The commercial success of the album bears testimony to the global appeal of the album, which also garnered rave reviews from top music critics. The album suits many occasions and has deep pondering quality to it. With its philosophical bent, the album is likely to become an important addition to any music collection. To get this product, you can place the order online.

Product FeaturesContemporary Music

Multiple Award Winning Album

Deep Lyrics

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Format Audio CD
No of Discs 2

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  1.  an outstanding and outlandish band! 30 December, 2013 On
    One of my favourite bands, Florence and the machine did it again.
    They just did it AGAIN!
    With their debut album Lungs, they again stole my heart (how many replacement transplants should I get?!)
    An indie rock band with a great fan following, Isabella, the main lead singer just casts a spell on you and you listen to her in oblivion.
    With great potential and great talent, they should be listened to which is why I highly recommend it!
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