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LaOpala Diva Floral Pride Dinner Set - 27 Pcs

LaOpala Diva Floral Pride Dinner Set - 27 Pcs

Brand LaOpala
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Overview: LaOpala Diva Floral Pride Dinner Set - 27 Pcs

A delicate set of dinnerware adds an element of beauty and sophistication to your dinner tables. Whether you have guest coming home or it is a regular dining affair at home, you can always use some really elegant pieces of crockery and dinnerware to feel special and rejoice the moment. Some people love glass, while others prefer expensive material for their plates, dishes and dinnerware. From the house of Laopala comes some of the finest range of dinner sets that can be purchased online.  Laopala has always produced some of the finest range of dining sets that have been a lifetime investment for homeowners. The brand brings to you delicate and chic looking dinnerware that will surely grab your fancy with its beauty and subtle sophistication. The durability of their products is something you can bank on. As a matter of fact, they often last for an entire lifetime and beyond. That's why his classic Laopala Diva Floral Pride Dinner Set is something that you would surely admire.

This designer dinnerware has been beautifully crafted with amazing floral print and motif that instantly gives an added boost to the interiors of your home. Your home décor will also be enhanced with this range of Laopala Diva Floral Pride Dinner Set neatly displayed on the dinner table for a special day. However, there is a special element about this particular dinner set, which gives it an edge over others - take a look at the contemporary manner in which the floral design is placed on each and every piece of dinner set! It looks elegant and unique. The design is totally different from what you have probably seen before. With a border on one side and textured frame design on the other side, this dinner set uses Opal. This product is definitely going to revamp the look of the interiors of your home.

There are some notable features of Laopala Diva Floral Pride Dinner Set, which you need to know before purchasing this product. First of all, the dinner set comes from Laopala - one of the most promising brands in the field of dinner sets and other designer crockery. The entire dinner set comprises of 27 pieces of crockery, which includes dinner plates (6 pcs), dessert plates (6 pcs), serving bowl (2pcs), vegetable bowl (6 pcs), soup bowls (6 pcs), and rice platter (1 pc). Thematerial is glass and the finish is absolutely fantastic.

The designer sides of the dinner set with floral designs in green and blue gives this Laopala Diva Floral Pride Dinner Set an alluring feel to it. If you take a look at the bowls, the floral design is done on the body and the sides have patterns, which makes it look sophisticated and elegant. When you have guests coming home for a dinner party, this dinner set is definitely going to complement your home décor as well as the dinner table that has been laid down. In fact, you may even have your guests asking you about this lovely dinner set you are using. That's always the charm of Laopala that never fails to amaze people. The perfect texture of these beautifully designed plates, serving bowls and soup bowls is ever attractive to onlookers. Most importantly, this particular set is totally unique because of its pattern and design. It looks more like a designer diva dinner set than just something else.

Laopala has always been one of the most well known brands that make some of the finest crockery in this world. Especially when it comes to the dinner sets it offers, you will be amazed to see how well it blends in colors, texture and luster. Years of use is does not take away the luster of these gorgeous dinner sets that makes a statement at the dinner table. If you've cooked something exotic today, you should relish the meal in this Laopala dinner set. 

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Brand LaOpala

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