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The Labyrinth: Short Stories (Litizen Shorts)

The Labyrinth: Short Stories (Litizen Shorts)

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Language English
Binding Paperback
The Labyrinth consists of 15 stories, each belonging to a different genre. This is to keep you on the edge with each turn in the alleys of the Labyrinth. So, if getting caught in the cross fire on the battle grounds of Afghanistan with young Kemal in The Martyr is a little much to handle, you could hop a ride with Sharmaji in Mortified, as he winds his way through small town India, buying a Bata shoe and clutching his heart which is ready to be attacked. Though, we would not suggest hitching a ride with Joy in his Travel Through the Night, as he already has to deal with strange apparitions which have stepped out of the sugarcane plantations and refuse to let him pass. These apparitions might seem like Casper, considering the creatures Kyoto finds himself fighting on a daily basis in the wonderland called Sym World. A world he has entered of his free will, but cannot escape. While we recommend a journey to Sym World, it should not purely be in pursuit of strange creatures as these can b ... See more
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