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Landline Phone Telephone Corded Phone for Office and Home Purpose Bfone Orientel KX-T333

Landline Phone Telephone Corded Phone for Office and Home Purpose Bfone Orientel KX-T333

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Colour Multi-coloured
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Product Description

Product Description

Landline phones are always an attraction and important for every home this century. The 'Bfone Orientel KX-T333' is a multipurpose corded land line telephone that perfectly suits every home. This phone is perfect for both homes and offices. The multi features available on this phone include volume control switch over ringer, tone/pulse switch, Mute, Flash and Redial buttons. This corded phone is built with components of high standards which can sustain most of the domestic drop downs. Also it is designed to have worked in extreme temperatures during floods and earth quakes therefore it is a high standard built model with extra ordinary features.

This telephone can be placed on the desk and can be mounted on wall. The smooth finish gives you a comfortable grip while holding and talking. Bfone landline gives you a perfect look for your office front desk table the colour of this landline telephone gives a modish look for every room. This phone is an easy handling model which can be shifted to any room in the home inclusive of high-end bathrooms with Jacuzzi's and kitchen which is quite a task to withstand for a normal phone. The high temperature and water resistance gives this phone a good user review. You can connect this phone directly to the telephone socket or can be connected to Internet for internet calling purpose therefore making it a multi-purpose phone.

This unique design makes it a must buy for people who love to collect and use rare land line phones. With an elongated cable, the phone can be taken to every corner of room for better privacy during an important conversation. The straight design of this landline phone occupies less space and user friendly as you can carry it around easily. Strong body made up of hardened plastic gives this phone very sturdy. The improved magnetic speaker allows a decent transmission of sound without any disturbance. Separate buttons makes it reliable without changing the whole key pad when under repair. Audible sound allows users to hear the ringing without any disturbance. This phone works totally on the telephone frequency making zero power consumption.


As this phone is totally made up of high quality plastic, it should not be used rough or kept hung at more height. More tangle-able cord should be used for extension of telephone radius. The phone should be kept away from extreme heat as the plastic can really get hot quickly but not melt. The phone should be handled with care and should not be over tossed. This multipurpose phone can also be used as a fixture outside the house allowing to converse for people inside.

There is an adjustable control for volume which is allows adjusting required audibility to users. The mute button which helps us to mute conversations in between is a good thought for landlines. With both tone and pulse manifestation it is easier to dial in both the modes available. Redial button helps quick redial of previous dialled contact without typing the whole contact number again. A 16 bit flash allows storing previous contact on phone for prolonged period. If you are interested in buying this awesome collectible phone can be bought online at at an awesome price and great deal.

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Product Features

  • Ringer Hi/Lo Switch
  • Tone/Pulse Switch
  • Mute Button
  • Flash Button
  • Desk or Wall Mountable
Product Details
Manufacturer Orientel
Manufacturer Part Number KX-T333
Brand Orientel
Model Number Orientel KX-T333
Colour Name Many Color - Avilable Color Sand
Colour Multi-coloured
Item Package Quantity 1

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