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Laptop File Bag for Men and Women Executives - 15.6 & 17 Inches Screen from Easies (LMF 2221)

Laptop File Bag for Men and Women Executives - 15.6 & 17 Inches Screen from Easies (LMF 2221)

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Product Description

p>Easies presents a unisex laptop bag that is both suitable for men and women. Although, the bag can be determined unisex with its unique color, because, had it been pink, then definitely it would have been a women's laptop bag! What you will find in this laptop bag, is its snug fitting, which would allow your 15.6 or 17 inches screen laptop to fit perfectly.


The bag has got two portions; one has a padded part and another panel which allows you to keep your ID card and headphones, laptop accessories and etc. But you can't carry something heavy things! The padded portion ensures that when your laptop is inside the bag, it is safe and no chance of any harm that may occur to the screen or to the laptop. Yes, but we need to be gentle while handling the bag, if we tend to throw the bag and feel, the padded portion will protect will saving my laptop, then you may regret later! It is just for awareness, because, there are many of us, who are little careless, so be careful!


The primary concern about a laptop bag is, to be able to carry the laptop safely when you are on the go. The laptop bag from Easies, has designed it in such a way that, you can carry your laptop safe and sound and you can also take your laptop toys too. Enough room for keeping laptop accessories in the front zip, there are two zips in the front side that allows you to keep your accessories easily. It also comes with a sling to carry and the sling is strong enough to carry the weight of the laptop. If you are willing to carry it with your hands, then you can remove the sling, because it is adjustable. The sling is a perfect so-slip material, so it is totally risk free!

Colors available

It is available in black color and it is definitely going to be a wise option to use black, especially if you have to travel more. If you were willing to get some light color, then it is likely to get discolored soon!

Durable construction

You have to definitely trust your laptop bag to carry your worthy piece of electronic gadget. Even a sudden fall from your hand, may cause the laptop a severe damage. The laptop bag from Easies comes with a padded feature which ensures that this may not harm your laptop, but again you have to be extra careful about your laptop. Because, at times a harsh impact may lead to minor dent to a hard disk crash or something more hazardous to your laptop!

For this reason, the laptop bag presented by Easies ensures, that, it is not just only meant for carrying but for protecting your laptop as well. Although, no laptop bag can guarantee a complete safety measure unless you handle it carefully. The padded portion keeps the laptop safe in case when your laptop is bumped while you are travelling.


The major drawback is the product is not water resistant. Those who have to use and carry their laptop on a regular basis, it is indeed essential that they have water resistant laptop bag. Well, we can't expect to have all the features in a limited price!

Price and availability

The price is affordable and apt for the product. Relying on the quality and the price is not at all too much as compared to other similar products. The product can be easily ordered from and shopping online is indeed an easy task, and with shopping experience is even better! So order it today and don't miss the chance to buy such product at such an affordable price. At the same time, you don't get such deals regularly.

Product Details
Manufacturer Easies
Brand Easies
Model Number LMF 2221
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 48.3 cm x 15.2 cm x 27.9 cm

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