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Beige Handbag
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Beige Handbag

Brand Lara Karen
Colour Beige
Material PU
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Product Description

Bored of all your workaday handbags? Looking for something that is more stylish? Something that you can take along with you to multiple occasions, perhaps? The Beige Handbag by Lara Karen is an excellent option for you! This product comes from the makers of beautiful bags and other objects for women - Lara Karen. Lara Karen has been making waves in the fashion industry with an elegant sense of style and a certain sophistication that sets this brand apart from others out there. This brand makes shoes (many kinds of them!) and bags for women especially.

The Beige Handbag by Lara Karen has many interesting features that will make you want to buy it. Besides this, it is available online and at attractive rates. You should definitely take this option to grab it as fast as possible! This handbag's colour is probably its first and most elusive feature. The beige colour makes for a very subdued and subtle choice, that is sure go with many different coloured outfits!

Utilitarian as well as stylish

This handbag has a short handle, unlike most others. This will let you hang it from your wrist easily, and will also give a very sleek look. This will be perfect to carry to a party, as it is just the right size to hold all your essentials: your phone, purse, tissues, mascara, lip gloss and other emergency make up items. You can be sure not to lose these little items again and access them easily.

Why PU is a great idea

Made of high quality PU material, you can be sure this bag will last you a long time. PU has several advantages. It is very sturdy, and can take rough usage and bear great loads. It is also very flexible, so your handbag can be packed easily, without occupying too much space. The bag may change its shape when you stuff a lot of things in it, but it will always return to its original shape after you've taken your things out. It is abrasion resistant, which means the bag will always look as good as new, even after continued usage. It is also tear resistant, under most conditions. Being resistant to water, oil and grease, your things will always be safe within this bag. It can also absorb shock to a great extent, so even if you accidentally drop it, your phone will be safe. Lastly, you can be sure your bag won't ever be the breeding ground for mould, mildew or fungus, as PU simply does not support the growth of these microorganisms.

This product does not compromise on utility. It comes with 1 compartment, so you will never have to waste time opening multiple zips to look for your things. It has 3 pockets, so you can store small things easily, without fearing that they will get lost within the depths of your bag. The handle is short but can be extended up to a certain length, to suit your needs. The bag in itself does not weigh much, so you will never be weighed down by it. Another attractive feature is the front flap mechanism, which makes this bag look uncommon and sophisticated. The twist lock mechanism is sure to guard all your necessities as well as last a long time. This bag is practical and utilitarian as well as stylish and trendy. What more can one ask for?

Team the Beige Handbag by Lara Karen with a casual pair of jeans and t-shirt or an evening dress, and you're sure to grab everyone's attention. Go for this product today - before stocks run out!

Product Details
Brand Lara Karen
Colour Beige
Target Audience Women
Material PU

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