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Brown Tote Handbag
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Brown Tote Handbag

Brand Lara Karen
Colour Brown
Material PU
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Product Description

Bags are not merely a storage unit for women and it has served as a mandatory fashion statement spanning decades. A well stitched and designed bag is more than an accompanying accessory; it uplifts the entire appearance of the taker and adds a dash of charm to the ensemble. Irrespective of how many bags you own, it is never enough. Therefore, irrespective of where you are going to, a handbag is a must have. So, if you are looking for a tote bag, then you must get the Brown Tote Handbag by Lara Karen. Expertly conceptualised and meticulously designed, this handbag rates high on both usability and style. Therefore, before you make the purchase, take a look at the features of this beautiful brown tote handbag.

Key features

Style and Design

The celebrated brand of Lara Karen brings a fresh new design of brown handbag which is meant to charm bag lovers. Made of high quality PU leather, the feel of the bag is soft and comfortable. The bucket shaped framework of the bag is the key element that allows for extra storage space. This feature lends a unique flair to the overall look of the item. The precise design appeals to both modern and classic sensibilities. This bag is lightweight in design, thereby does not add to the weight for the owner. It comes in a classy shade of camel brown and dark brown, which always stays in style.

There is a large flexible zipper that runs across the top of the bag which opens up to reveal the spacious interior. This spacious bag features many pockets and chambers inside. This allows you to neatly items as per choice, or you can put things randomly, and they can still be retrieved without any hassle. The inner fabric of the bag is thick and strong, and you can safely carry fragile and delicate items.

A thick and sturdy strap securely joins the two sides of the bag and enhances the style quotient. Two medium handles are attached to the bag with matching loops and buckle. The front portion of the bag features one large bow. The seam-work is neat as well.

Fashion Tips

A bag like this allows you to experiment with different styles. You can make this a part of your formal look. You can take this bag on casual day outs as well. You could rock the party-look with this bag as an accessory to a stylish dress and high heels. The bag not only lets you play with several styles but also matches them perfectly as well. You can use it as a shoulder bag to give off a stylish vibe


The premium quality of the bag ensures that it can comfortably undergo long periods of rough usage. However, you need to take proper maintenance to ascertain prolonged usage. You can use a wet cloth to rub off the fresh marks or stains. For a proper cleaning, use mild soap water to clean the bag from time to time. Avoid machine wash and avoid the dryers. This bag is now available on the internet, so you can buy the Brown Tote Handbag online.

Product Details
Brand Lara Karen
Colour Brown
Target Audience Women
Material PU

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