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The Last Song

The Last Song

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Language English
Binding Perfect Paperback
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
Veronica is totally shaken when she learns that her parents are divorced and that her father has left New York City and moved to Wrightsville in North Carolina. She remains angry and hostile towards her parents, particularly her father, for three years. Then on her mother's initiative, Veronica and her brother go to their father's place to be with him for the summer. Veronica's father has been living in a small beach town subsequent to the divorce. Formerly a teacher and a concert pianist, he has been living a lonely life doing some creative work of art for the local church. Veronica starts loving the place and also finds a boy with whom she falls in love with. The rest of the story is about her first love, the tragedy that envelopes the family, the circumstances that lead to the changes in their lives, about Veronica's attitude towards her father, and the relationship between the parents and the children. It is about how relationships can influence one's life.The book was well receive ... See more
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     Poignant and Moving 8 May, 2013 On
    Like all other Nicholas Sparks novels, the Last Song is also a love story, but another integral part of the story explores a father-daughter relationship and the unconditional love of parents. 18 year-old Veronica Miller is forced to spend the summer in her father’s house. Bitter at her parent’s divorce, she hasn’t spoken with her Dad for three years…The novel is about how over the course of one eventful summer, Ronnie finds love and finally begins to understand her father.
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