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Latest Samsung VG-STC4000 Skype TV Camera with FULL HD

Latest Samsung VG-STC4000 Skype TV Camera with FULL HD

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Product Description

Samsung, a well-established company set its foot in electronics industry in year of late 1960s. This company made its brand name famous and achieved success in after years and still rising in this field.The world's largest information technology company has marked its footsteps towards success with every product release in days, months and years. With the brand reputation, Samsung Company not only succeeded in electronics industry but much more. These include Samsung electro mechanics, Samsung corning, Samsung semiconductors and telecommunications and the list goes on with insurance, marine, motors and much more.

Over the years with all new products launched with time, the brand became stronger and much more successful. The computing world gave Samsung a new way to heights. All new products were launched in markets. Personal computer systems, laptops, smart phones, notebooks and the list can go on and on.

The world is becoming tech-savvy. People are becoming more connected with internet world. So, the need of more useful and advanced devices and accessories are increasing day by day. With new devices every year, Samsung is forwarding towards making world a whole new high tech place.

Latest Samsung VG-STC4000 Skype TV Camera with FULL HD is the new device lunched by Samsung. The main motive of this device is to build communication make communication between loved ones more real and high in quality.

Skype, an online website used to connect people sitting near or far in a live conversation face to face. Although, Skype can run in personal computers, laptops and smart phones but the camera quality vary from device to device. Talking to your loved ones can become clearer in quality with Latest Samsung VG-STC4000 Skype TV Camera with FULL HD.

With Skype TV, connection with near and dear ones sitting at far-away places can become a more vivid experience like never before. The Skype TV gives you the whole new experience of live conversation. Video calling has never risen in brilliance like this before. With superior details and high quality, the feel of being closer to friends and family becomes realistic in ultimate level. The Skype TV make you feel like your close ones are actually there with you.

Watching TV along with conversation can also be achieved by making the TV go mute. The virtual mirror screen with full high definition display lets you see yourself on screen. Gesture controls on screen make the use more convenient. Samsung Skype TV makes you use you Smart TV with realistic virtual gesture options with high definition quality along. Simple finger gestures can be used on screen. These include switching and changing of channels and adjusting volume. Flip, navigate and grab are some functions in smart gestures. With a simple TV up gradation, one can feel the real experience of virtual world.

Virtual mirror helps you see yourself in front. This function can help in fitness check, personality development practice and much more. With screen split in half along with running in one part while virtual mirror in another can help a person in many ways.

The technical specification of the Latest Samsung VG-STC4000 Skype TV Camera includes height of 6.7 inches, width of 3.3 inches and depth of 1.5 inches. The maximum still image resolution marks up to 5 mega pixels. With built-in microscope and maximum video image resolution of 1280 x 1080, the high definition conversation quality raises the bar. The video frame rate raises up to 30 frames per second.

The Samsung Skype TV is compatible with LED TV models of 2014 which includes H4500, H5500, H6400, H7000, H8000, HU7000, HU8500, HU9000 Series and models of 2013 (F4500, F5500, F6400, F6800 Series) and Plasma TV F5500 launched in year 2013. Full HD resolution and motion controls can be best experienced with Skype TV along with these LED TV models.

This model became available on August 22, 2014.

Product Features

  • Make video calls in high-quality Full HD
  • Use gesture control with the latest Smart Interaction
  • Virtual Mirror lets you see yourself on the screen
  • 1080p Full HD Resolution
Product Details
Manufacturer Samsung
Brand Samsung
Model Number VG-STC4000/XL
Colour Name BLACK
Item Package Quantity 1

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