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The 48 Laws Of Power (The Robert Greene Collection)

The 48 Laws Of Power (The Robert Greene Collection)

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Language English
Contributor(s) Robert Greene
Binding Paperback
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Overview: The 48 Laws Of Power

48 Laws of Power by author Robert Greene was his 1998 bestselling debut, a definitive guide to reaching the heights achieved by great personalities minus the pitfalls. Other notable works by the author include The 33 Strategies of War,The 50th Law and The Art of Seduction.

The book is full of strategies that prominent people and those in the limelight follow. It offers practical guidance like, �Never outshine your master�, �Do not trust your friend too much�, or �Learn ways to use your enemies�. With the help of this book, readers would be able to learn what people like Henry Kissinger, Louis XIV, Machiavelli, and Elizabeth I have learned much later in their lives, without going through so much of trials and tribulations. Robert Greene has used his own bittersweet experiences with Hollywood executives during his years as a struggling screenwriter to write this gem of a book. This is surely a self-help book with a difference that keeps readers riveted with its interesting, real life anecdotes from history.

48 Laws of Power comes with a bold and elegant text presented in red and black throughout with word sculptures and enjoyable fables. The author emphasizes every point that he makes with relevant instances adding interest to the overall reading experience. This book is filled with illustrations enumerating failures, tactics and triumphs of great personalities from history. It brings to the readers instances of people who wielded absolute power themselves or were at its receiving end. Instructive, ruthless, and cunning at turns, an absolute page-turner, this book offers diplomatic truths in oodles.

The book will help people deal with difficult and seemingly impossible situations at home, politics, offices and in the corporate world.

This paperback edition of 48 Laws of Power has been published by Penguin Books in English. The book has an ISBN-10: 1861972784 and ISBN-13: 978-1861972781. Implement the book�s ideas in day-to-day life and watch yourself grow into a new you, but first do not forget to order and buy online.

Features: The 48 Laws Of Power

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date November 20, 2000
Publisher Profile Books Ltd
Contributor(s) Robert Greene
Binding Paperback
Edition Main
Page Count 480
ISBN 10 1861972784
ISBN 13 2015140280197
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 697 grams
Product Dimensions 16.6 cm x 2.2 cm x 23.5 cm
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