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Laxmi necklace - 27 temple jewellery

Laxmi necklace - 27 temple jewellery

Material Metal
Colour Red
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Overview: Laxmi necklace - 27 temple jewellery

Golden Laxmi Pendant with red Maroon beads necklace

This beautiful Laxmi pendant with Golden polish and red maroon crystals string is a unique piece of art. The pendant design is exquisite and intricate with Goddess Laxmi's beautiful image. The gold polish is of superior quality and polish is uniform and neat. This polish is permanent and it doesn't remove even after years of continuous usage. The pendant is attached to the black chain with 2 gold plated copper balls which firmly hold the pendant symmetrically. Their size is adequate to hold the pendant in place in correct position. These gold plated copper balls are strong and light ensuring stability to the chain structure.

The maroon red crystal string uniformly and neatly covers the entire black chain, giving the jewellery a very Indian and traditional look. The length is 22 inches, giving the beautiful necklace a royal look. The copper balls and the maroon crystals are light in weight ensuring that the neck piece doesn't have any undue weight. The black chain is the backbone of the necklace and is extremely strong. It has very strong endurance and can easily carry weight many times more the total size of this pendant + copper balls + crystals string. This chain has been tested and certifies for strength and endurance. It is extremely immune to moisture, heat, chemicals etc. and is not affected by these factors. It doesn't develop crack and it never gets worn out with time.

The maroon crystal ball have a very elegant look and flawless surface finish They are all of exactly equal design and dimensions and are paced touching each other without any leftover region. The copper balls act as an effective bridge between the pendant and the crystal and provide support to both the sides. The pendant weight is ideal and can even be used with other pieces of jewellery. This necklace can be worn at occasions like parties, wedding receptions, festivals etc. It will suit woman of all age groups because of its sober looks. In case one requires shorter length, this pendant can be made to become shorter after removal of some beads by any local jewellery or jewellery works store.

The crystals and copper balls are completely heat resistant and their size remains same with it without being expanded or contacted during summers and winters respectively. Hence, there is no stress on the black wire when crystals and copper balls expand or no lose slack in the black wore when crystals contract. These crystals have been made of extremely well researched ingredients such that there is no size effect due to temperature differences. The black wire is 100% temperature resistant as well. Its length remains constant and doesn't increase in summers or decrease in winters. It has been made of top notch quality materials so that there is no adverse impact of temperature.

The pendant design is world class and unique giving the pendant a heavier look. The shine and grace of the crystals, pendant and connecting beads remains intact even after it is stored for a long period of time. It can be safely preserved by wrapping this in a soft cloth or cotton. No special packing is required as this is resistant to all the foreign conditions like moisture, temperature, chemicals etc. This necklace is ideal for gifting purposes too during occasions like weddings, anniversareees or festivals like Diwali due to the auspicious image of Goddess Laxmi.

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Product Details
Material Metal
Colour Red

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