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Elite Flip Leather Case Cover with Stand and Magnetic Lock for Lenovo A3000 7-inch Tablet (Black)

Elite Flip Leather Case Cover with Stand and Magnetic Lock for Lenovo A3000 7-inch Tablet (Black)

  • Can be set at stand (as shown in Picture)
  • Access to all buttons, camera & Ports
  • Ultra-light weight and compact
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Product Description

Looking for a case for your Lenovo A3000 7 inch tablet? Elite brings you the Flip Leather case cover to protect your tablet from any kind of harm. Now you can use your Lenovo tablet without any difficult and worries. The leather case by Elite is the perfect protection companion for your Lenovo A3000 tablet. Get it now at a very reasonable price and enjoy using the Lenovo A3000.

The Elite Lenovo A3000 tablet case is made from the best quality PU leather. PU leather which stands for Polyurethane leather is the best form of artificial leather produced. The advantages of using PU leather are many. It is one the most durable materials available. It is strongly resistant to scratches and can be cleaned very easily. The fabric is not absorbent to liquids and is also resistant to stains. Also, even when PU leather is exposed to direct light, it does not fade away quickly. The Elite Lenovo A3000 tablet being made from PU leather possess all these qualities thus making sure that you get the best quality case to protect your Lenovo tablet. Now you can use you Lenovo A3000 tablet easily anywhere you go. Carry it to your office with ease. You can even carry it when you just hanging out with your friends. Even when you are away on a holiday, you can use you Lenovo A3000 tablet with much ease and comfort with the Elite case cover.

The Elite Lenovo A3000 case is a flip case cover. Once the tablet has been placed inside, the case can easily be flipped as a stand. This makes using your tablet even more hassle free. You can put the tablet on stand on your desk when you are working in your office. Make video calls easily just by putting the Lenovo A3000 case on stand and sit comfortably and answer video calls effortlessly without having to hold the tablet all the time. You can use the flip case whenever you are working on a project in school, college or at home and browse the web easily and make notes without having to hold your tablet. The tablet case is also very useful in the kitchen when you are trying to make a good meal watching videos and recipes online. Just flip the case and place the tablet on the kitchen counter and you are set. The Lenovo A3000 tablet case by Elite gives you easy access to all the buttons of the tablet which help you in operating the tablet smoothly. The case is light weight and provides superior shock absorption. The case also comes with a magnetic lock so that your tablet stays is there safely when not in use. The camera of your Lenovo A3000 tablet can also be used without any trouble when using the Elite case cover.

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Product Features

  • High Quality PU Leather
  • Can be set at stand (as shown in Picture)
  • Access to all buttons, camera & Ports
  • Superior shock absorption
  • Ultra-light weight and compact
Product Details
Manufacturer Elite
Manufacturer Part Number EA-09-14
Model Number EA514
Colour Black

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