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Leifheit Classic Mop Set Combi
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Leifheit Classic Mop Set Combi

Lowest online price: 1,579
Brand Leifheit
Model Number 56791
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Overview: Leifheit Classic Mop Set Combi

Cleaning is one of those chores that you cannot avoid at any circumstance. Bathing, laundry and dishwashing are some of the examples cleaning chores that you have to go through almost daily. Another important part of your life is your home, and amidst all the chores, home cleaning should not be forgotten. Do you find home cleaning one of the most troublesome cleaning chores? If getting your hands wet with the dirty water makes you averse to home cleaning, then you should buy Leifheit classic mop set online today. You may have used many mops so far, but Leifheit offers to you a bucket that can store cleaning solution and allows you to squeeze the mop without using hands. Since it is available online, you can save your time by placing the order for the product via you PC or your smartphone. The set of mop, bucket and squeezer will be delivered to your preferred address without any hassle.

Features and Design of the Leifheit Classic Mop Set

This set of mop and bucket with squeezer by Leifheit has been designed just the way you can want it to be. The mop included in the Leifheit mop and bucket set has a classical design. A piece of cloth is attached to the lower end of the mop. The handle or of the mop is made of a large stick. The stick that acts as the handle is deliberately long so, you can use it conveniently irrespective of your height. The cloth has overlapping folds at the place where it attaches to the lower end of the stick. This makes the cloth function like a brush, minus the bristles or the fibres.

The bucket that is included in this Leifheit mop set is adequately big. It can contain enough solution to clean an entire average sized home. The bucket has a cuboidal shape and is fixed with a handle. The bucket is partly open and partly covered. The open half of the bucket allows you to dip the mop into the solution. The closed half has a large and deep compartment that can easily fit the mop into it. This compartment has wide slits made into it. So, you can put the mop in the cup and squeeze it. The water that is squeezed out goes straight into the solution in the bucket. Both the bucket and the handle are made of sturdy fibre material. The hinges that attach the handle to the container of the bucket is strong and can withstand the weight of the solution that is kept in the bucket.

Speciality and Benefit of the Leifheit Classical Mop Set

The most significant advantage that you get from the Leifheit classical mop set is that you can avoid water spillage while cleaning your home. Being a homemaker or a housewife is among the most challenging jobs in the world. This Leifheit classical mop bucket set makes your home cleaning chore easy, to a significant extent. It allows you to clean your home without dipping your hands into the cleaning solution or the dirty water. Therefore, you can multitask with the help of this mop and bucket set. Since your hands remain clean and dry, you can cook or do other similar chores while you clean your home. You can put the raw ingredients in the cookware and place over the stove then start cleaning. While cleaning, you can go back to the kitchen and check the state of the raw ingredients. You can add spices and whatever is needed without washing or wiping your hands. In this way you can not only save your precious time but also ensure that different chores are completed with the desired degree of meticulousness. The sturdy fibre material of which the bucket and the mop are made also assures that the product will remain at your disposal for long. So, shop online for the Leifheit mop and bucket set, simplify your home cleaning chore.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Leifheit Classical Mop Set

This Leifheit classical mop and bucket set demands little care from you. All you need to do is wash the wash bucket with clean water before you store it. You will not have to wash the bucket with yet another set of instrument. Simply pour clean water into it, stir and throw the water. Make sure that you wash the mop before you wash the bucket. First, run clean water on the squeezer of the bucket. This washes the dirt and dumps it into the bucket. Then wash the mop under running water and then squeeze it using the squeezer on the bucket. Thus your mop is cleaned. After you have washed the mop, run clean water again on the squeezer and then wash the bucket. Keep the mop and the bucket in a dry place to dry. You can keep the bucket overturned for a few minutes to ensure that every drop of water drips out.

About Leifheit

Leifheit is an online enterprise that sells wide ranges of home appliances and equipment such as home cleaning supplies and kitchenware. It has been one of the leaders in the business for more than 5 decades.

Key Highlights

Bucket with squeezer

Fibre material

Elegant design

Features: Leifheit Classic Mop Set Combi

  • 26 x 22 x 34 cm
Product Details
Manufacturer Leifheit
Brand Leifheit
Model Number 56791
Colour Name Green
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 26 cm x 22 cm x 34 cm

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