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Lenovo G500s-59-383037 15.6-inch Laptop

Lenovo G500s-59-383037 15.6-inch Laptop

Operating System Windows 8
Processor Type Core i3
Processor Brand Intel
Included RAM Size 2 GB
Display Size 15.6 inches
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Overview: Lenovo G500s-59-383037 Windows 8 Laptop

Lenovo G500s-59-383037 15.6-inch Laptop might just be the perfect product you are looking for amidst a market flooded with numerous laptops. Are you waiting to buy a new laptop and not able to decide which is the perfect buy you would not regret investing in? We cannot deny the importance of a laptop in today's time. It has moved from being a fancy gadget to something that is a necessity. Whether you are at home or work, you must possess a laptop. Well, in either case you must definitely check out the Lenovo G500s-59-383037 15.6-inch Laptop. A comparison with other brands is not avoidable. However, we are quite convinced about the fact that once you have a look at the features that this laptop offers, you would not think twice before buying it.

To begin with, the laptop is powered by a 1.4 GHz Core i3 processor. Another attractive feature is the operating system. We all know the importance of an operating system while choosing a laptop as it is what the every basic feature of any laptop is. Lenovo G500s-59-383037 15.6-inch Laptop comes with a fully equipped windows 8 operating system. The laptop also has a support system of 4 GB RAM and these facilitate the smooth running of all the programs and applications.

The storage is also a key concern among the users and the ones who have a lot of stuff to store give a keen importance towards choosing a device that has the capacity to store maximum files. Lenovo G500s wins in this category too as it comes with 500GB hard disk drive to store all the data in an organised way.

We live in an area of LED and high resolution videos. There is nothing to worry in this area too as the laptop is completely in sync with the need of the time. Lenovo G500s-59-383037 has a huge LED display satisfying all your viewing needs. This imparts richness and clarity to the pictures and videos you might want to watch on your laptop. Videos and movie watching can turn out to be a real pleasure with this device.

This Lenovo laptop also features Bluetooth connectivity so you might be assured of all the data transfer concerns you might have. Bluetooth would make things easily transferable and hence, you shall be spared a lot of concerns in that regard.

Warranty, especially in case of electronic devices is a chief concern among the consumers. Lenovo G500s-59-383037 15.6-inch laptop takes care of all the user worries in this specific area too. It comes with a warranty of one year which is a good enough time. The appearance and the physical packaging of the laptop is also one of the key concerns of consumers today as visually appealing things are bound to score more points. The colour black which is the colour of the laptop is a plus point as it gives the Lenovo laptop a very classy appearance and also helps in the easy maninta8nence of the device as it does not gather dust easily. The device is extremely user friendly and light weight which again makes it easy to take around to different places whether for work or for other purposes. It also boosts of a good battery support. Already interested? You might locate the product on at reasonable price.

There are some brands whose name in itself is enough to attract millions of potential customers, thanks to their years and years of widespread popularity and high standards of customer satisfaction. Lenovo is one such juggernaut, having been in the business for a substantial amount of time. In that time, it has garnered widespread popularity. And it never fails to deliver the promise time and time again!

Features: Lenovo G500s-59-383037 Windows 8 Laptop

  • 2.4 Ghz Intel Core i3-3110M Processor
  • 2 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 500GB HDD Hard Hrive
  • 15.6 inches HD LED Display
  • Windows 8 Operating System (Free Upgrade to Windows 10)
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000
Want to buy a new laptop? Whether you need one for work or home, a laptop can be a great asset. Check out the Lenovo G500s-59-383037 15.6-inch Laptop. To help compare this Lenovo laptop, with other brands and models you might want to consider, this page gives you the detailed product specifications alongside other useful information such as product ratings and reviews by our customers. The Lenovo G500s-59-383037 is powered by a 2.4 GHz Core i3 processor. The OS is a key factor while choosing which laptop to buy. This one comes equipped with a Windows 8 operating system. The device has a 2 GB RAM to run your programs and applications and a 500 GB hard disk drive to help store your data. The device also features Wireless connectivity. 2 users have given the Lenovo G500s-59-383037 15.6-inch Laptop a 5 star rating.
Product Details
Manufacturer Lenovo
Brand Lenovo
Model Number G500s-59-383037
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Included RAM Type DDR3
Graphics Coprocessor Intel HD Graphics 4000
Operating System Windows 8
Processor Type Core i3
Processor Brand Intel
CPU speed 2.4 GHz
Hard disk size 500 GB
Included RAM Size 2 GB
Memory Storage Capacity 4.00 GB
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Display Size 15.6 inches
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required Yes
Power Adapter Included Yes

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Overall Rating 2.6 out of 5 stars
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