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Lenovo H520 57-316300 Desktop PC

Lenovo H520 57-316300 Desktop PC

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Product Description

Even though laptops have become an important part of everyone's lives, the desktop computer is a must-have for every home. If, for some reason your laptop malfunctions, the only thing that can save you from trouble is your desktop at home. Even in all offices, employees are given desktops to work, due to their reliability. So if you are looking for a utilitarian desktop, you must check out the Lenovo H520 desktop. The desktop has features that will surely blow your mind. This desktop from Lenovo has a 18.5 inch monitor that will let you do all your office work and keep you entertained fro hours. The CPU contains a fast dual core processor with a 2 GB RAM. Thus this desktop will run all your important software and also all the high definition games that most laptops cannot play. The Lenovo H520 has a graphics card as well. This graphics card will ensure that all your high quality movies run smoothly without any pixelation. The desktop has a keyboard and a mouse and both of these are wired. The mouse is a laser mouse and thus you will not have to deal with the problems of a ball end mouse. The desktop also comes with a DVD RW drive that will play all your favourite movies. The black finish makes the desktop look good too. So why wait anymore? Shop for the Lenovo H520 desktop online today and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Product Features

Lenovo is known all over the world for quality products that always meet the expectations of its customers. This desktop computer is no less and it has features that will blow your mind. The black finish of the ATX cabinet and the monitor will definitely enhance the beauty of your desk. The desktop PC is perfect for home use and with it your child will be able to do his or her homework and projects. You will comfortably be able to do all your office work as well. The processor of the computer is an Intel PDC G2030. This is a dual core processor and the processor will let you run all the software you want to. The fast processor is accompanied by a 2 GB RAM. The RAM and the dual core processor will ensure that the system almost never hangs. The major problem with most computers is that they do not come with enough RAM and then you have to add more RAM to ensure that certain software can run smoothly. The desktop has a 500 GB hard disk. With this hard disk, you will not need to buy an external one as you will be able to download all the movies you want to and also a number of songs. You can do all this without worrying about running out of memory space. This hard drive practically negates the need of an external one. The 18.5 inch LCD monitor of the desktop will let you view all the movies you want to on a big screen. Therefore you will not have to watch your favourite classics on the small screen of your laptop anymore when you buy online. The Intel GMA graphics card that is built into the CPU will ensure that you will be able to view high quality images and videos without any pixelation. The desktop comes with a wired keyboard and a laser mouse. Thus once you buy this desktop, you will not have to buy a separate mouse or a keyboard. The mouse is light in weight and the ergonomic design will let you grip it and operate it easily. The keyboard is a high quality one as well and thus you will not have to look for a replacement any time soon. The cabinet is a tower one and is well insulated to protect you from any accidents. The ATX cabinet also comes with a DVD drive that will let you read and burn DVDs. So if you have a lot of old movies and songs and even software stored on DVDs, this desktop will read all of them and more. You will also be able to create a back up disc of all the important documents and software that you have in your computer's hard drive. So what are you waiting for? Buy the Lenovo H520 desktop online today.

Key Highlights

18.5 inch LCD monitor

Dual Core processor


Tower Cabinet

DVD RW drive

500 GB hard disk


Intel GMA graphics


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