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Lenovo K900 (Steel Grey, 16GB)

Lenovo K900 (Steel Grey, 16GB)

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Overall Rating 3.1 out of 5 stars
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     Simply outstandin!!! 19 November, 2013 On
    Display & Looks - The display is crisp and clear. At 400+ppi its one of the best you can get. Though the sunlight legibility is not up to the mark. Looks wise this phone is a stunner. Whenever I take it out of my pocket it becomes a head turner.
    PS- The phone fits easily in my pocket.

    Performance & UI - The phone does all my daily tasks effortlessly. It runs almost all the applications. The UI is great and its got a ton of customization options. I bet you'll never get boared of it. The only issue is that the lenovo UI takes a lot of RAM (around 800mb). But, there are plenty of launchers available to chose from the play store.

    Camera - I have no issues with the camera. Its not the best, but is up to the mark as lenovo guaranteed. The back 13mp camera provides works great in daylight and takes nice low-light images (better than most of the phones in the market!). Those saying about the poor quality of the camera must consider that the phone has 1080p (2mp) screen. So, you wont get to zoom-in the picture as much as you do on a phone with 720p or WVGA screen!! There are a lot of in-camera effects to chose from. For some effects the resolution is reduced to 5-6mp. In my opinion the camera is perfect for casual photographers and for those who want to upload pictures on Fb, twitter, etc. The front camera is really a wide angled one as Lenovo said. The only problem i faced with the camera is that it takes a while to autofocus. The phone also heats a bit while using the supercamera app.

    Memory - The phones got 16gb internal memory out of which around 11.5gb is available. There is no expansion slot. This sucks especially if you are a music and gaming freak like me :( . I had to compromise a lot on my music collection! Out of the 2gb RAM around 1.1gb is available if you use the lenovo stock UI. I also tried the USB OTG functionality. It works great with my pendrive but, unfortunately it dosen't support my seagate ExternalHDD.

    Audio Quality - The audio output is crisp and the sounds are perfectly produced. The headphones supplied with the phone are of somewhat low-quality. But, most of the music lovers like me already own a good pair of headphones, so, its not a problem with me. The phone works perfectly with my Monster Purity headset :)

    Gaming - The phone packs an intel 2ghz clovertrali+ dual-core processor with hyperthreading along with a 1080p display which make it sound almost perfect for any gamer out there. I've played a lot of games on my phone. Games like Subway surf, Temple Run, Dispicable Me Ran effortlessly. N.O.V.A 3 also ran flawlessly. While playing GANGSTAR Vegas it shows lag at high and very high graphic settings. But, it runs without a lag on medium graphic settings. Some of the games are not optimised for intel processors. RR3 dosent work properly and crashes after sometime.
    There is a heating problem (due to the metallic back casing) but, that dosent bother me!

    Benchmarks - the phone scores 5900 on quadrant, 21.5k on antutu( updated version), 59fps on epic citadel, 8.7fps and 31fps in glbench T-rex and Egypt respectively.

    Video Playback & Web browsing - The phone played every video codec I tried to play. The playback quality is one of the best among all the smartphones. I usually rely on wifi connection have no issues with web browsing.

    Battery - The phone comes with Lenovo power manager which is an amazing feature. The battery lasts me almost a day on normal usage which include abt 2hrs of music playback, 1/2-1 hour of gaming, 1/2 hour of web surfing and 10-20 min of calls. The battery drains quite fast while doing heavy tasks such as gaming. The phone also heats a bit while charging.

    Bottom Line - The phone is an amazing package at an astonishing price. Lack of nfc and 4g isn't an issue in India. The phone easily fits in the price category of 30-35k. At 28k its a steal. I believe Lenovo should focus more on advertising rather than dropping its price. If the Non-Expandable memory and a big screen dosen't bother you, than this phone is perfect for just about anybody.
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  2.  Great "Bang for the Buck" 12 August, 2013 On
    A great Andriod phone and very impressive to see and use. Flat black Gorilla-glass front and brushed stainless-steel back and super-thin sides. Camera lens is flush to the back cover and nothing sticks out. There is NO plastic to be seen! Great Hi-def screen. However, it, like so many other "tech" items these days, does not come with an instruction guide (only a "quick-start" and a warranty folder). There also is not one "on-line". I had to visit my local service centre to learn simply how to answer a call as it's the only application that you have to "swipe" rather than press and how would anyone know that--especially with the "phone ringing" symbol is a "button'?. If it were not for little niggles like this (others: the charging cord is far too short for electric outlets here in India that are "few and far between", there's no visible indication without turning it on that it's charging or finished--a small light would have been nice, there's no memory card expansion capability, and battery life seems rather short if it's always connected to G3 or a Wi-fi account), I would have given it five stars. But it's a great start for Lenovo in the premium-end marketplace!
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  3.  Amazing specs at low Price 12 December, 2013 On
    The phone has a great screen , not only its bug but the resolution is spot on, its clear lucid and has vivid colors. It has a very decent audio output and a large battery. The exterior quality is a bit on the lower side though , easy to scratch and damage it.
    The star of all features is a 13MP camera though its not that great in quality but at this price this phone is a great buy.
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  4.  Decent phone!! 5 January, 2015 On
    Powered by Intel. Ultraslim at only 6.9 mm. The Android Jelly Bean 4.2 operating system is fast.
    Very rarely the phone hangs up. The Lenovo K900's tough display is nail and pen-friendly. 2500mAh Lithium battery is good and lasts about 20 hrs with 3G. Weight is 162g which is ok.

    Overall phone is good.
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