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Lenovo Yoga 8 (888015981)Sleeve Plus Film - Green
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Lenovo Yoga 8 (888015981)Sleeve Plus Film - Green

Brand Lenovo
Material Microfiber
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Product Description

Technology in today's world has flourished like no other. Be it computers or mobile phones or tablets, the products have become more sleek, thin and with amazing user interfaces and mind-boggling operating systems. But, in the process, these gizmos have become more fragile because they are no longer made of sturdy material but from something that is more aesthetically pleasing or technologically viable. A simple example can be given by showing the difference between the durable mobile phones of the past and the glossy but easily breakable new Smartphones. This is why the modern day's tech needs some kind of protective cover or casing to keep them from breaking on account of an accident. One such piece of tech that requires this is the Lenovo Yoga 8" Tablet. A good safety coating would be one that keeps the device protected from cracking due to mishaps such as dropping, hitting against something etc. With more and more people going for these next gen gizmos, the demand for protective casings keep increasing, and making a proper choice can be really trying. That is why Lenovo brings you the answer, the Yoga 8 Sleeve Plus Film for its tablet of the same name.

Keeping up with their reputation of delivering what they promise, Lenovo fires home once more with this gorgeous little product. Blending pretty designing with sublime operating, this sultry and smart piece of craft is exactly what you need to keep your device from unwanted bumps and bruises. Not only that, this item has been created so as to act as a complimentary accessory whenever you walk out with this in your hand. But now let's talk function. The Yoga 8 Tablet microfiber sleeve incorporates authentic microfiber that is highly durable and sturdy but at the same time provides an extremely soft and supple texture to the sleeve, so as to act a perfect cushion to the tab. This protective covering has been tailored for the Yoga 8 tablet, to give it the extra safety it might require. This fine piece of work also has an ultra-slim design, thus lending it that sleek look while fitting perfectly over the tab, acting as the proper preventive cloak. The microfiber lining allows the device to settle in snugly in the sleeve, while the protective screen film covers the screen and keeps out dust, dirt or any form of abrasives to keep it scratch free. And to all this, add the sublime green of the sleeve and you have a cool and chic bag that you can flaunt wherever you go. So go ahead and get this pretty little protector for your tablet today and keep it away from damage, in style.

Product Features

  • Ultra-Slim design
  • Microfiber lining
  • Includes protective screen film
Product Details
Manufacturer Lenovo ??
Brand Lenovo
Model Number 888015981
Colour Name Green
Material Microfiber
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 140 grams
Product Dimensions 23.5 cm x 1.9 cm x 15.5 cm

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Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars
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