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Let's Talk Hair

Let's Talk Hair

Product Specifications
Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Collins
About the Book: Lets Talk Hair: Look Your Best, Stepp by Stepp The new womans spin on old traditions-a must have kitchen supplement! Why is my hair so dull? Is it okay to straighten my hair Was often as I do? What kind of shampoo should I buy? How do I stop my hair from falling? Is the conditioner to be applied only to the hair or to the scalp as well? Does oiling really help? What does the label mean when it says for fine to medium dull hair? When it comes to hair, each of us has at least one pressing question, be it about controlling that dandruff or taming that frizz, or the life-altering decision to go for a hair transplant. Lets Talk Hair answers all those questions, and more. With recipes to help you get super-healthy hair, tests to assess the quality and type of your hair and scalp, and guidance on choosing the best products for your tresses, hair and skin specialist Aparna Santhanam helps you finally have the kind of hair you always wanted. About the Author: Aparna Santhanam Dr ... See more
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