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Mr Light Rx2 In Rechargeable Led Flashlight (500mtr Range↕)

Mr Light Rx2 In Rechargeable Led Flashlight (500mtr Range↕)

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Product Description

Cheap torches are found not working especially when you need them the most. You might think that you won't require a torch but nothing is more annoying than not finding them working when you need them. You may not know when you may need the help of a torch. Therefore, it is advisable to have a good quality torch that offers excellent performance. And when it comes to torches nothing can be better than opting for Mr. Light Rechargeable Torch. Established in the year 2007, the Mr Light brand has been able to hold a recognised position in the market for providing the customers with best quality torch lights.


Crafted by using premium quality aluminium metal, this torch is of excellent quality. This torch is designed by using best components with the implementation of advanced techniques so as to attain perfection in terms of performance. This lighting product is made as per the strict quality standards so as to ensure safety. The product is put through strict checking under the stringent supervision of the experts at every manufacturing process.

Style & Design

This torch is simple in design yet elegantly styled. The glossy black shade looks great on this lighting product. The upper portion of this torch contains the lamp filament, reflector and other lighting components. The handle of this torch has a textured design that ensures good gripping so you will be confident about the fact the torch will not slip of your hands when you actually need the help of this product. There is a user-friendly switch that allows you to turn the power on the torch with ease. This torch is a LED rechargeable flashlight that helps you use this flashlight for years to come. It features a robust design and at the same time it weighs very low so you can easily carry around this torch no matter where you go. It features a compact design and it can be thrown at one of the luggage of the corner. It hardly adds any bulk to the luggage. The light weight makes it easy for you to carry around for a long time.

Interesting Features:

The best thing about this flashlight is that it features 800 metres coverage so it can be your excellent companion whether you stay alone in an apartment or stay in a hostel. This product with 'o' ring sealed that makes the torch water resistant. So, even if you carelessly keep this flashlight on a table where water spills, this torch will not get damage. It can be used to lighten up an area for a long time.


This Mr. Light Torch comes handy at houses, apartments or flats, when there is a power cut. Now, you might think that you have inverter at home so if there is a power cut, it will not affect you. But you never know, the inverter might not work for some technical failure and you may have to check the metre box if there is any short circuit. Torch also plays a dominant role when an electrician comes to your place to mend the tube light of your living room. This flashlight comes handy in the constructional sites, where labours or workers had to check certain rooms at night. This torch will be of great help, if you go for a trekking. It also serves great purpose in the camp. Automobile factories and automobiles service centre also require this torch for working purpose. This torch will also come handy when you return home at night and when the street light is not working. It is not at all safe to walk through the dark, it can be harmful and therefore it is advisable that you carry the torch in your handbag.

This Rechargeable Torch finds its extensive purpose at homes, apartments, flats, hotels, hospitals, laboratories, workplaces, factories, hospitals and PGs. So, what are you waiting for? If you are on the lookout for a flashlight that will provide outstanding performance, you can buy Mr. Light Rechargeable Torch online. This flashlight does not require any maintenance. All you need to do is keep this torch is a place safely so that you get an easy access to this torch when required.

Key Highlights:

Made of Aluminium Metal

800 metre coverage

Bullet LED

Outstanding performance

Light in weight

Easy to use

Product Features


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