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Little India Paisley Kashmiri Shawl DLI3SHW102
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Little India Paisley Kashmiri Shawl DLI3SHW102

Brand Little India
Material Wool, Viscose
Colour Pink
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Overview: Little India Paisley Kashmiri Shawl DLI3SHW102

Kashmir is known for its beautiful sweaters and shawls. In fact, these winter clothes are known worldwide for the lovely handiwork that has gone into making them. This Paisley Design Colorful Kashmiri Shawl is certainly no exception.

Made from wool, this shawl is colourful as well as casual. It's a combination of red and orange that's bright, but not blinding. The shawl is long, perfect for wrapping around in the winter, and the designs on it are unmistakably Indian in outlook with varying shades of red (going as far as maroon) make it seem like it's made up of more than two colours.

Now what's interesting about a shawl is that it serves more than just one purpose. Winter clothes such as jackets often ruin your appearance at a party, but you can't be impractical enough to go out without some winter gear. That's where a shawl comes in handy. It keeps you warm and at the same time, doesn't tamper with your carefully thought look for the night.

There are a lot of ways in which you can wear a shawl and it's rather interesting to try out these different looks:

1. The simplest look is to simply wrap it around you and hold it together at the front. You will still look elegant!

2. Another way is how you would wear a dupatta. Hold the shawl against your chest and then throw the two ends over your shoulders. Your shawl will stay in place, covering only the top portion of your dress and your shoulders will be safe from the harsh cold.

3. An interesting way to wear a shawl is to bring it to the front from the back, wrapping it around you, but letting it fall to your elbows and beyond in varying lengths. The look is nonchalant but elegant.

With the Paisley Design Kashmiri Shawl, you can try all these different looks and (not to forget) stay warm too!

Product Details
Brand Little India
Material Wool, Viscose
Colour Pink
Item Package Quantity 1

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