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Tulsi Plant

Tulsi Plant

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Product Description

A typical bachelor's quarter and a sudden barge of information that one of the resident's parent is coming over. You start cleaning every tits and bits of buds and beer bottles just to make sure your image is not maligned in front of anyone's parents. But then the elderly mother inspects the whole house just to say that the flat does not have a customary "Tulsi" plant in the house and you are left off guard.

You run here and there just to find a small Tulsi plant so that you satisfy your mother and during all this time your mother has been all lecturing you and your friends on the medicinal advantages and spiritual benefits of the plant if it is grown at your place. While your efforts go futile, your mother gives you a warning that the next time she visits your place, you should have that plant in your flat. Now as you are left bamboozled, you search online about Tulsi to order it.

In the meantime, you stumble on the pages of Wiki and you read in detail about the advantages of Tulsi. Tulsi is grown for religious and medicinal purposes in the verandah of almost all Hindu households. Tulsi is believed to be mandatory when it comes to the worship of Indian deity "Vishnu" and his other forms including Krishna and Vithoba. Tulsi finds its wide application in the curing of many diseases and is a prominent herb in the medicine practice of Ayurveda. Tulsi is believed to be a manifestation of Hindu goddess and thus is perceived to be highly sacrosanct in the Indian mythology.

Tulsi finds its mention in the early Hindu texts and has survived almost all forms of human evolution being an integral part of any growing culture at all times. As advantageous is Tulsi to the humankind, its contempt in any form is a social taboo in the society. Any disrespect to the plant, urinating on it or throwing it in a waste is a sin and is regarded as contempt to the form of god. The plant is easy to grow and requires minimal supervision to sustain.

It is a small plant that can be grown in your small verandah and then taken care of. While you might find the plant in every household, if you are facing any difficulty ahead, do not stop and ponder. Log on to and order the medicinal plant for yourself. We would make sure that the pious plant is delivered at your doorsteps with complete care and diligence so that it embodies your religious sentiments as well.

So order quickly and get the air around you pure by the good effects of the plant.

Product Features

  • Live Plant
  • Delivery in 3-5 working days
  • Image shown is for reference, actual plant height, size, style may vary as per location
  • New plastic pot would be sent along with plant. Pots shown in image are for reference.
  • Delivery in all major cities.
Product Details
Manufacturer Living Gifts
Brand Living Gifts
Model Number LGJN0114
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 500 grams

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  1.  Sacred gift 10 March, 2014 On
    Sacred to all hindus from ancient days.Saints have recognized its value and treated it as goddess.The tulsi leaves are used to make garlands for worshipping god.Now scientifically all its medicinal and therapatic values are proven.It is also agood mosquito repellent.With all its good properties it can be gifted with love occasionally.Best way to encourage awareness towards greenery.
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