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Living with the Himalayan Masters

Living with the Himalayan Masters

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Language English
Contributor(s) Rama Swami
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Living with the Himalayan Masters

Living with the Himalayan Masters is written by Swamy Rama. Through this book, Swamy Rama tells readers the tale of his life�how he came across some of the greatest sages and stoics who ever lived on earth, and how their company changed his life, its direction and the purpose of his living. The author shares with his readers the lessons he learned from those sages who saw life from a different perspective. They did not teach him what to do and what not to through sermons, nor did they ask him to read religious or philosophical books. They told him about their experiences and he garnered insights into life and spirituality over the course of his time with them.

Rama Swami was one of the first Indian yogis who allowed western scientists to study him to understand how he and others like him could control involuntary bodily functions like his heartbeat and body temperature. Rama wrote various books on the path that led him towards spirituality and enlightenment. He wrote extensively on meditation and its role in changing one's life, thoughts and intellect. The Art of Joyful Living, Fearless Living, Path of Fire and Light, and The Book of Wisdom are some of the famous books written by the yogi. This book is available for online purchase in India. Before you buy books online, compare between various prices for your book asked by online retailers listed on and choose the lowest price possible.

Living with the Himalayan Masters is an encouraging, illuminating, mystifying and inspiring account of the lessons Rama learned from various sages. The book provides readers with spiritual insights and philosophical realisations about life. It comprises various tales of yogis with extraordinary abilities. The author talks about personalities like Rishi Aurobindo and his integration of meditation and action, and Mahatma Gandhi and his approach towards life, as well as yogis like Uria Baba�who believed that every human being has the power of healing.

In the review of the book, New Age opined that it provides a complete and practical guidance about the foundational elements of the spiritual journey of life. In Napra Review, the book was hailed as a beautifully written volume about true freedom. Published by Himalayan Institute Press, the 486-page book has the ISBN 10 number 9780893891565 and ISBN 13 number 9780893891565.

Features: Living with the Himalayan Masters

  • Biography And Autobiography
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date November 9, 1999
Publisher Himalayan Institute Press
Contributor(s) Rama Swami
Binding Paperback
Edition 2/1/2007
Page Count 486
ISBN 10 9780893891565
ISBN 13 9780893891565
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 800 grams
Product Dimensions 15.5 cm x 2.9 cm x 23.3 cm
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